How much and why did Sant Jordi stop paying for the first time?

How much and why did Sant Jordi stop paying for the first time?

Those who put Book stall to Literary supervisor of Paseo de Gracia Or in any of the 12 designated spaces in seven regions Barcelona by Saint George 2024 They will have to pay a fee. It's about to 80 euros For stands six meters long, which is the most common size. This is the first time that payment has been made to stop, with the aim of bearing part of the cost of enabling these spaces.

Specific spaces, with light and security points

These areas of the city where you have to pay, such as Paseo de Gracia, are framed And they have Electricity points Skills and safety. The person responsible and organizing these spaces is Writers room, made up of different guilds participating in the Sant Jordi Festival. In total, the cost of the 12 spaces is approximately 200 thousand euros, which is largely borne by the General Government and the City Council. Now the writers room will contribute one 17% of all Through the fees that will be collected.

80 euros for six meters of parking

There will be a fee for six-meter stands, which are the most popular 80 euros. For every unit added, an additional 80 units will be paid. The maximum length of a book stall is 24 metres, and the booksellers' union says this is required by only 10 establishments, which ultimately results in a charge of around 300 euros. Flower stalls In these professional spaces, which are typically smaller, they will pay a proportionate share.

“We think this is an acceptable amount.”says Elia Berdejo, president of the Catalan Language Editors Guild. “We believe that the participants in Sant Jordi should assume this role for the sake of the party and because it is a reason to demand the good organization and professionalism of Sant Jordi,” noted Berdejo, explaining that the administration requested this year “Assume joint responsibility for expenses”Including Lighting, security and logistics Of spaces

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Behind the “Chaos of the Rambla”

Sant Jordi celebrations celebrated in Rambla. The Chamber remembers the year 2019 as a case “Chaos and chaos” He celebrates that the pandemic has brought about a “safer” model. However, they confirm this Nobody wants to go back to the previous model To respect safety rules, they cannot be returned either. For this reason, Eric Del Arco, president of the Booksellers Guild, confirmed that publishers, distributors and booksellers have agreed on costs. now, Library kiosks installed in front of your establishment Or in an area of ​​the city without services They will remain free.

You can now request a stop in Sant Jordi 2024

entity already A 10-day stoppage request period has opened for Sant Jordi 2024. In just the first 24 hours, half of the total number of libraries that filled these spaces last year, i.e. 175, have already done so. Demonstrate good reception of this action. They are now waiting for the number of applications to see if the designated spaces will have to be expanded, as happened last year, when they recorded a 17% increase in the number of stops compared to Sant Jordi 2022.

Barcelona City Council says “it is a decision of the writers’ room”

Creative industries consultant, Xavier Marcy, pointed out that the organizational part of the spaces framed by professional sectors corresponds to the writers' room and has costs. “They are the ones who decided to follow this method of financing the part of the expenses they bear Both the organization and the services it provides. It is a contribution to cover the expenses of the same sector at one time Activity with economic logic“It is in no way a tax or fee,” Marcy noted.

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