TheGrefg throws in the towel and is going to sell the building in Andorra where he can't evict an old woman

Popular streamer David Canovas, known as TheGrefg, I reached an agreement to sell the building Which he bought in Escaldes-Engordany and which he intended to renovate from top to bottom.

The decision was announced hours after Andorra's Supreme Court of Justice announced it He stopped his attempt to evacuate The last tenant still lives in the building.

The 80-year-old says she has had to live in a frozen block for four winters since the broadcasting company started working on the project. The rest of the houses were dismantled. The ruling also states that the property will have to reinstall windows in the building it removed in anticipation of the eviction.

In a live broadcast on Twitch, Canovas strongly criticized the Andorran justice's decision and He confirmed that he would not appeal Because the lawyers told him, “It's not worth it.”

“It is very difficult to see how something that is not real is affecting your projects, your brand relationships, your public image, and it is affecting you You didn't do anything“, he said in a live broadcast in front of about 20,000 spectators.

“In the end, she's the poor old lady and I'm the rich kid and the son of a bitch.”He said he was visibly upset with the woman, who he claims is “from a family with more money and more houses” and lives in this building “with a contract in his head.”

Gassler wanted to evict all the tenants to renovate the building

Speaking to Radio Nacional Dandora, the tenant's lawyer, Pere Christofol, particularly criticized the Batalia court, the court that had first allowed the eviction to go ahead, and demanded that… Implement the Supreme Court ruling as quickly as possible.

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However, the lawyer expressed doubts that he would do so quickly “after the way the procedure has been conducted so far.”

Three years of battle

More than three years ago, Canovas' real estate company, Grefito SLU, acquired the building with the aim of renovating it and putting it up for rent. For this He made all the tenants there leaveExcept for an old woman who was finally proven by justice.

The old woman always emphasized that He had a life lease Two floors and other areas of the building that the husband agreed to the previous property.

Although Canovas always maintains that the woman does not live in the house, the lawyer confirms that she uses it daily and keeps most of her possessions there. “She wants to have conditions that enable her to live there.”He concluded his speech in statements to Andorran public radio.

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