“This beer is transgender” and no one drinks it anymore: it’s happening in the United States

“This beer is transgender” and no one drinks it anymore: it’s happening in the United States
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The beer that no one drinks in America anymore: It’s the beer that identifies as “transgender,” and that seems to be the reason for the failure. Here’s what happens.

la. It is one of the most consumed and drunk drinks in the world beer, An alcoholic (but also a non-alcoholic) who quenches and pleases everyone. It is generally sold in pubs, bars and restaurants and also at concerts or matches, so it is the case today They are everywhere.

in America and the First drink Residents buy about 110 liters per person each year. Among the brands preferred by these is Chorus Light, Budweiser and Bud Light. Regarding the latter, something is happening in the country that is causing its consumption to drop dramatically.

The beer in question is subject to criticism For about a year, and in that time it has been used for an experience During a concert: It was Displays For everyone. The result, however, stunned everyone and that’s where it started “corruption” from the brand.

After this event in the US, nobody seems to want to get high anymore be seen With beer on hand the grounds are amazing. Here’s what happens to Bud Light.

Bud light and experiment

American sports communications and media expert, Clay Travis He decides to do an experiment during a concert, and offers Bud Light beer free to everyone. That sounds silly no one But he decided to accept it and drink it.

It seems that this happened because of a Advertising From the brand released shortly before the event: It’s proof of how marketing influences society and audience choices. The ad in question features the transgender activist as its protagonist Dylan Mulvaney.

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How did Bud Light become a “similar beer”?

Bud Light recently created an ad that sees Mulvaney as a testimonial and box packaging Remember: Dedicated to Dylan’s first year as a transgender woman (or indeed “woman”). Although these cans are not on the market, residents have now changed the identity of the brand, reviewing it as “passing beer“.

The marketing choice of the brand has now definitely changed The opinion of consumers at his expense, thus moving from the most consumed and beloved beer to the one that is Nobody wants to buy and drink anymore.

The Conservatives in particular seem to have gotten it very badly, too The stock market quickly collapsed. Apparently Drinking Bud Lite has become taboo in America And you don’t go unnoticed while holding a box of this in your hand.

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