How do you make a man have fun? But with this situation, what questions!

If you’ve always wondered how to get a guy to have fun in bed, now we have the answer: it’s with this situation and you’ve surely tried it already!

Well, well: we can even stop Rent I mysterious And we reveal immediately what we intend to talk about today.
How did the image we used in presenting this article not convince you?

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Well, then we’ll tell you, plain and simple: the most famous positions from the back (called dog, let’s not ask why) This to improve to do go crazy your partner.
Likes? Doesn’t that sound cool? Wait, we’ll explain what you need to change!

How to make a man enjoy the bed: this is the pose that guarantees success between the sheets

Well don’t get upset, we got it: we’re just repeating it Orgasm It is or should be the last from for us Fears And then, we come out with one piece How do you please a man?.
But are we there or are we doing it? (They also ask us in Rome but also all over Italy, to tell the truth).

How do you please a man?
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Here we are, here we are: Don’t worry!
The person we want to talk to you about today is one The location is really Customs clearance, is known to everyone (or almost) and that everyone (or almost, again) has tried at least once in our life.
No, don’t let us repeat it but you got it right: it is who – whichGive behind”, where (in heterosexual relations) the woman bends forward, on all fours, and the man penetrates her from behind.

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We are not talking about anal intercourse but about “basicdog (brar, chi Really unfortunate name).
Well, yes, it will be precisely this position that allows you to enjoy a man in bed: it is the position that, apparently, It makes men come first and almost suddenly!

Of course, this position is one of the most practiced in the world: just know it, then missionary, there are among the favourites!
The reason is clear: who is hacked can determine the angle and depth of penetration, and who penetrates it … Well, let’s say that often and willingly He has a lot of fun!

the only “Problem“From this position, in fact, is the position fail a coordinate for you or often miss Pink Target Orgasm Synchronized.
(of which, however, Location spider Often responsible).
But why is this position best for getting men to sleep?
In general, there are a number of reasons (which we will mention below) that lead men to really enjoy a lot in this position.
Let’s find out what you can do Enjoy too is yours And to avoid making your partner last…a few minutes!

  • stop the fun: Yes, in the best traditionsedgingCutting a relationship especially when you “do it” from behind is essential.
    Obviously, to do this, you will have to coordinate as much as possible and try to find your rhythm: if after a few minutes the partner realizes that he is about to reach orgasm, it is better to stop and start again as soon as possible!
  • Tighten…but not too tight: Hey, we definitely don’t advise you to “squeezing” is yours partner!
    It seems, however, during this Category from Link The male partner may have to stop and “squeezing” The the stopper between the fingers. (If you don’t know the part we’re talking about, click link here Under).
    This practice should slow down the relationship and allow you to continue smoothly!
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  • Arch your back or notOn the other hand, remember that you are the one in charge of the situation. hold the Backdirectly“, In the line, it allows you to penetrate less deeply, and, accordingly, a minus ratio Gudoryosu for your partner.
    Only you can choose how and how much to move your back, whether you arch it or not: obviously respect The your preferences But also know that for a partner, a straight back can represent one breakthrough less Gudoriosa.
    Of course, we have already told you that a file method impeccable On how to please a man this situation: He has no reason to complain!
  • move the pelvis: years and years dance from Collection The village HolidayFinally, it pays off.
    Knowing how to move the pelvis, in this case, is essential to relationship success for him and of course for you too!
    make a test” and start The Link Give behind. At this point, you can then move your pelvis by rotating it as you prefer and feel what your partner is thinking.
    some moves can lead to it SameIndifferentThus, you can use it to make the relationship last longer. However, others may do so Reaching orgasm Same immediately. What do you say, you better not try to figure out how to make it come … in a get over from Eyelashes?

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