Marta Felipe, Mayor of the First Amnesty of 1-O

Marta Felipe, mayor of Figueres in 2017, was granted amnesty. This Thursday, the Second Criminal Court of the capital of the Alt Empordà recognized him, and he will no longer have to appear in court for rebellion. Thus, Philippe becomes the first mayor of the city of 1-O to receive a pardon through this process.

Former mayor of Figueres now of the PDeCAT party, It was one of more than 700 Catalan battles investigated. At some point in connection with the preparations for the referendum. In Philippi, the Attorney General’s Office charged him with the crime of sedition. To allow the opening of fifteen buildings Municipal ownership so that they can be used as voting centers.

Once the amnesty law came into effect in June, defense lawyer Carles Mongelud filed a memorandum with the court requesting that it be applied to his client. The prosecutor’s office also upheld his standard, arguing that Marta Felipe’s case It is one of the assumptions provided by the rule..

Finally, the judge’s preliminary decision determines that the facts investigated by Marta Felipe are “fully in accordance with the law” and confirms that the acts occurred with intent. “Calling for, promoting or arranging a referendum.”.

Although Philip had survived the euphoria of the trial, in February 2023 there was a first attempt at an oral hearing relating to the facts attributed to him. But it was suspended due to the lawyers’ strike. To administer justice, the court had to set another date.

In statements to ACN a few days ago, Marta Philip expressed her confidence that the implementation of the amnesty law would allow her to… “Turn the Page” to nearly seven years of living with “threat of lineage”.

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First pardon decisions since the law came into effect

With today’s court decision, Marta Felipe is added to the list of people who have been pardoned under the process after the ruling was approved.

And the first pardon Former Interior Minister Michael Buchsentenced to four and a half years in prison for embezzlement and fraud, and Sergeant Mossos of the Lluís Escolà Squadwho was sentenced to four years in prison.

On the same day, the amnesty actually reached the demonstrators. 16 pro-independence youths convicted for protests following sentencing The law applicable to them.

Aside from some pro-independence protesters and positions, some national police officers accused of the charges against them were also pardoned. This Tuesday, 46 police officers await trial for beating, shoving and kicking They have been pardoned and will no longer be prosecuted for the mischief offences. Iredea, Aminium and the ANC have already announced they will appeal the verdict.

On the other hand, it did not apply to members of the 1-O government who had an embezzlement case before the Supreme Court.

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