The search for a person by water in Barcelona was stopped due to lack of light

On a rainy and stormy Saturday, a rescue team tried to find a person in the sea in the Barcelona Forum area. At around 2pm, emergency services received the warning In order to save a man who was in the water. The marine rescue team saw him clinging to the buoy and drowning.

The search device was stopped at 8:15 pm, due to lack of lighting, and will be resumed at 8:00 am.

A helicopter and sea rescue personnel participated, with agents from the Mossos d'Esquadra, the Civil Guard, the Urban Guard, the Public Fire Brigade and nine crews from the Barcelona Fire Brigade.

A sea rescue helicopter flies over the forum area (cat 3)
Firefighters and police participate in the search operation (3Cat)
A marine rescue ship participated in the search operation until dark (3Cat)

Alert with bloating

On the coast there she was Waves are 2 to 3 meters high At some point, its height reached 5 meters, and it came to enter some areas of marine parks and breakwaters, according to Civil Protection.

In an interview with TV3, Deputy Director-General for Coordination and Emergency Management, Emma Sully, warned that waves were still on the coast and asked, “Be very careful because a gust of wind or sea can pull us away“.

Civil Protection has activated Procicat and other plans in advance warning phase due to strong waves, rain, wind and snow in Catalonia. The Meteorological Authority warned of sea conditions.

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