Games: First come, first served in the Village, Switzerland, USA and Canada

The first surviving delegates to the Winter Games came to Beijing, setting up villages of three athletes for the various sports facilities and related distances for the Olympics.

The two villages are located in areas that are part of the Chinese capital, and the third is in the city of Zhangjiako, 200 km from Beijing, which conducts freestyle, snowboard, biathlon, ski jumping and cross skiing trials. – Country. So athletes from these disciplines will be staying here.

The official opening ceremony of the Olympic Villages is scheduled for Thursday 27th, but in the meantime, the first delegates representing a section of the Swiss team have arrived, as documented by local broadcasters and cameras by the Brazilian Globo. ), Great Britain, Canada and the United States.

Then came the Finns and Australians, as well as Chinese athletes. The pictures also show that many streets in Beijing are covered with snow, a sign that the city’s climate is now conducive to racing.

Apart from Zhangjiajou, sportsmen’s villages are located in the central part, for those who compete in curling, ice hockey, figurine and speed skating, snowboard-big air, skating, popslets, slates and skeletal experts, located 900 meters north of Beijing by sea. Is at a height.

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