Holaluz certifies an EBITDA target of $3 million

Holaluz certifies an EBITDA target of $3 million

Holaluz certifies its target of reaching a normal operating result (normal EBITDA) of €3 million in 2023. This is the target that was set on October 31 and the company emphasizes that despite adverse market conditions in the residential solar sector, “ “It doubled its solar market share from 1.6% in 2022 to more than 3% in 2023,” according to its updated business figures for the 2023 quarter.

The company's president, Carlota Pai, emphasized that after a “difficult” first half of the last fiscal year, which began to improve in the third quarter, the data allow for a consolidation of expectations despite the residential solar market falling by about 50% in Spain due to high interest rates and ” “The false sense of cheap energy because of tax cuts and subsidies will disappear.”

Product advantages

In this environment, the company maintained its 2022 sales level and achieved a 30% increase in the average ticket per solar installation, by focusing on customers with more roof or balcony space, i.e. with “more choice and less cost”. Collective self-consumption facilities, which provide more profit margin; As well as the penetration of batteries that began marketing last May. Pai claims that much of the success is down to the product's benefits, as “60% of solar battery customers have a zero bill.”

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