March 29, 2023

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Car financing, if this happens, there is no need to pay anything: the truth that no one knows

Be careful when considering a car loan: If this staggering handicap occurs, watch out, you don’t have to pay anything: the truth no one knows. tell you.

Auto Finance: world there. Proposals, ideas and processes that seem very convenient. But sometimes it is unbelievable: car no Delivered. And then: you have to do to pay The installments? Let’s see what happens and how it works in such cases.


what if Agency no delivery on trolley At the agreed times? Whoever buys can do so Suspension The installments for financing?

We discuss one of the most negative and surprising situations a buyer can stumble upon when opening a file Finance Sentences. If the means are not available, only to expedite the ndecide . practices to subscribe The a necklace And the start of the exchange procedures with the bank to disburse the loan, which aims to repay in installments, what happens if the car does not arrive in any way?

They don’t give you the car: Do you have to pay the premiums anyway?

finance- (motorzoom)
finance- (motorzoom)

sell sometimes Delay to me receipt The Car. Perhaps after a reasonable time. To the extent that the first batch of installments. At this point, what should the buyer do?

On the one hand there Sales Representative who – which no she has Respectable The times Delivery On the other hand there Institute From credit He wants what he deserves, which is to pay the premiums. How do you get out? How do we manage this predicament? it’s possible to block Pay the premiums?

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What happens if you don’t pay your car loan installments

drive the car (motorzoom)
drive the car (motorzoom)

The nonpayment of car loan installments puts the buyer in front of some Archaeology. The most urgent is to open actions for recovery subordinate credit.

If the default setting persists, the . file Procedure From recovery Credits with a request a injunction to me court by creditor. Follow the notification of the decree e Notice to pay within 10 days Installment (or installments) for a car loan.

The next step, if the buyer does not pay, is Reservation of the thing pledged subordinate goods with risk Report In the Financial Risk Center (Crave) Like bad motives Which prevents access to more financing and even loans Two years.

But in the case of non-delivery? The rules in force speak of two cases: that of the financing company that is linked to the seller and that of the financing company that the buyer chooses independently. In the first case, if the franchisor Do not deliver the carthe buyer can Suspension The Pay of installments. but also delete The a necklace site below.

In the second case, if the financial condition is chosen by the buyer, the purchase contract for the car he is does not depend on So Buying and selling. which of them default subordinate The seller does not include there Suspension from payment installments Car finance approved. So the buyer should continue to pay the money,