Historic nuclear update of the United States

Historic nuclear update of the United States

there Russia arsenal moves to war. nuclear missile Sarmat or Devil 2 will replace By next fall in Siberia This means that it will reach United State. Specifically in Uzhhor, in the Krasnoyarsk region. This was revealed by Dmitry Rogozin, director of the Roscosmos space agency after the successful test that took place on Wednesday from the Plesetsk base in the north of the country. He explained that by the fall there will be new tests.

Ukraine, why did the USS Truman arrive in Italy? NATO’s plans against Russia

Satan 2 nuclear missile where it can strike

Sarmat can be armed with nuclear warheads and has a range of 18,000 km. This means that it can reach the United States without problems. The Sarmat missile is capable of carrying 10 or more nuclear warheads and striking targets thousands of miles away in the United States or Europe. He can make a trip around the Earth and reach the other side of the planet from unexpected directions within an hour. It is also capable of destroying an entire country like France.

Is there a risk of nuclear war?

The West’s concern about the dangers of nuclear war has grown since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine on February 24 with a speech in which he explicitly referred to Russia’s nuclear forces and warned that any attempt to cripple Russia “will lead to consequences we have not faced before in your history.” UN Secretary-General António Guterres said last month that “the previously unimaginable possibility of nuclear conflict has now returned to the realm of possibilities.”

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