The new Ferrari supercar continues its road tests. spy photos

The new Ferrari supercar continues its road tests.  spy photos

The test continues The new supercar from Ferrari which will appear for the first time in a track 2024. This car, whose internal project name we know is the F250, has been intercepted again on the road during. spy photos A car appears, still equipped with flashy camouflage. We’re not just talking about the movies but also the pseudo-elements that hide the design of the new super sports car from the Maranello.

Anyway, we can see some interesting things. The supercar will be able to count on particularly refined aerodynamics. At the front you can see a clear splitter, a very low hood and large air intakes. However, it stands out from behind Large flap (possibly adjustable) which, however, will probably only be offered with the track version of Maranello’s new super sports car. However, there will be a way to learn more over the next few months, as this model continues to be developed.

The photos allow us to see that the classics are on the bodywork High voltage stickers Which makes it clear that the car has Electrified engine. In fact, there has been speculation for some time that Ferrari’s next supercar could have a V6 Plug-in. Maranello has already said that its next supercar will use technologies developed for Formula 1 and for the WEC 499P. There is no exact information at the moment, but it is believed that the upcoming supercar from Ferrari could have a power of at least 1000 horsepower.

A great job will also be done to reduce weight as much as possible in order to offer a very fast car through bends that will delight the lucky ones who will be able to get behind the wheel. Most likely, the new super sports car from Maranello will be presented in a limited series. In this regard, according to some rumors, in addition to the coupe and track versions, the new supercar should also be presented in a spider version.

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All that remains is to wait for more information on the development of this new high-performance car from the Prancing Horse.

[Foto spia: CarScoops]

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