Bezzecchi in front of everyone, Bagnaia drops, now the qualifiers! – OA Sports

Bezzecchi in front of everyone, Bagnaia drops, now the qualifiers!  – OA Sports

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What is a sprint race and how many points are assigned

11.41 The last free training session ends here. Bezzecchi closes in on the lead with a time of 1’38 577, followed by Quartararo at 0.149 and Aleix Espargarò at 0.224. So we have Ducati, Yamaha and Aprilia in the top three spots. Followed by Bagnaia, Oliveira, Alex Marquez, Viñales, Martin, Mir and Bastianini.

11.40 Bagnaia has just returned to the pits, accompanied by his sister.

11.39 Marini is 15th at 6 tenths of his teammate Bezzecchi.

The 11.37 Ducati looks nothing like the ones in the tests, Bagnaia declared that he felt the bike was completely his, and that he was riding the bike with his eyes almost closed. Now this fall raises some doubts.

11.36 Miserable in the gravure Gigi Dall’Igna.

11.35 ALSO FALLING FOR BAGNAIA IN CURVE 1! Within a few minutes, the official Ducati riders were all over in the gravel, who clearly wanted to push to the limit to understand the bike’s potential.

11.35 Márquez lost a lot in the fourth sector and didn’t improve, remaining 17th.

11.33 Alex Espargari climbed to fifth place at 0.314 from the top. Marc Marquez is getting better too.

11.33 Luca Marini also returned to the track after the fall.

11.32 Enea Bastianini falls at bend 5. He gets up instantly.

11.31 Bagnaia moves up to third place at 0.226 from Bezzecchi.

11.30 Marc Marquez continues his struggle, 16th at 0.849 from the top.

11.29 Bagnaia is still on the track with medium up front and soft in the back.

11.28 Francesco Bagnaia returns to the track.

Oliveira’s 11.27, with an unofficial Aprilia, moves up to fourth place at 0.408 from Bezzecchi.

11.26 14min At the end of this free practice session where the canvas does not change and balance prevails.

11.24 Bagnaia and Bastianini are currently in the pits, as well as Quartararo and Bezzecchi.

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11.23 Pizzicchi leads the lead ahead of Quartararo, Aleix Marquez, Viñales, Martín, Bastianini, Bagnaia, Mir, Nakagami and Oliveira. Five Ducati’s are in the top ten.

11.21 Marigny has not yet returned to the track, the blow was significant after the fall. It is currently in digging.

11.21 Luca Marini falls after making contact with Jack Miller’s KTM.

11.20 Bastianini is fifth at 0.445 ahead of Bagnaia who is sixth.

11.19 Bezzecchi takes the lead at 1’38” 577, 0.149 better than Quartararo. At the moment Marc Marquez is 15th at 8 and a half tenths.

11.18 Quartararo continues to improve. Bezzecchi rose to second place with 123 thousandths of the French.

11.17 Bagnaia improved to 0.280 from Quartararo. The world champion uses a used soft tire at the rear.

11.16 1’38” 768 for Quartararo, Bagnaia second at 0.369.

11.15 Bagnaia immediately returns to the front, but it is clear that time is now rapidly declining.

11.15 Quartararo promptly pushes and takes the lead.

11.14 Bezzecchi runs better than Bagnaia at 1’40” 345.

11.14 1’40″ 402 for Bagnaia, he is currently in command.

11.13 average in the front and soft in the back also for Bagnaia and Marquez. Double middle for Quartararo, soft in front and medium in back for Vinales and Bezzecchi.

11.11 Instant fall by Luca Marini after calling KTM.

11.11 medium rubber in the front and soft in the back for Marini and Bastianini.

11.10 Francesco Bagnaia straight on the track.

11.10 The last free training session begins in Portimao!

11.06 We remind you that the last free training session will last 30 minutes.

10.59 The 11.10 session is officially called Free Practice (FP), not P3. In fact, it’s a session in itself, which drivers need to find the right setup and tires for Sprint Race and racing. The Q2 live qualifier takes place with P1 and P2 on Friday. You have to get used to this new regulation.

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10.55 Yesterday in free practice we saw a Ducati that is certainly competitive, but not as dominant as one would have expected. In fact, KTM and Aprilia finished ahead on the flying lap, underscoring how unpredictable motorcycles can be.

10.48 announces a very balanced World Cup. In every race, many riders will be able to strive for victory, not to mention the Sprint. Obviously, consistency is going to be critical, but the current format ensures that even a few falls aren’t unrecoverable. In 2022, Francesco Bagnaia closed the gap to 91 points, which is a record.

10.45 It’s obviously going to be a very different World Cup than it was in the past. It would be like playing a tournament and a half. Sprint Race favors a front start after qualifying a lot, plus tire degradation won’t be a factor, so everyone can push hard.

10.43 will run half the laps in the Sprint race compared to the Sunday race. In this case, in Portimao, there will be 12 face-to-face rounds.

10.41 The winner of the Sprint race wins Jamal 12 championship points, while the other drivers in the podium area return 9 and 7 points, respectively. Fourth place assigns a 6, then gradually drops a length (5 to 5, 4 to 6, 3 to 7, 2 to 8) until the ninth place assigns 1 point for the championship.

10.39 at 16.00 We will then see the first Sprint in MotoGP history.

10.37 At 11.10 the last free practice session will start which will last 30 minutes: in fact, it will replace last season’s FP4. From the 11.50 qualifiers that will determine the starting grid for both the Sprint Race and tomorrow’s traditional race.

10.35 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to the MotoGP Live broadcast this Saturday in Portimao.

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How to follow P3 and qualifications on TV/BroadcastPortimao show on SaturdayP1 dateP2 date

Good morning and welcome Live stream of free 3 practice and qualifying for the Tour of Portugal, Round 1 of the 2023 MotoGP World Championship. on the trail of Portimao We are going to have a very intense Saturday and top class riders will be called upon to make a great effort, given consideration Sprint race today Based on Sunday race.

The P3s, given what’s expected for the weekend, will have similar value to the old ‘FP4s’, considering the games are already built in terms of which riders will start qualifying from Q1 and Q2. Ducati And Francis Bagnaia They are in very good shape. The speed Pecco has shown so far has been impressive and now is the time to deliver tangible results in order to give the first signals to others.

Bagnaia will have to watch out for his brand mates, all of whom are very fast. particularly, Jorge Martinin GP23 from Team Pramac ed Ennis Bastianini, a Factory Team teammate, could be a real threat, but in Borgo Panigale they will have to beware of Aprilia. Noale’s bike was impressed and can let the ad Alex Espargari to Viñales dissident to make a difference. Different words for Yamaha and Honda with Fabio Quartararo and Marc MarquezThey were forced to work extra hours.

Brought to you by OA Sport Live stream of free 3 practice and qualifying for the Tour of Portugal, Round 1 of the 2023 MotoGP World Championship: Real time news and continuous updates. It starts at 11.10 with the P3s, while qualifying will start at 11.50 in Italy. good fun

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