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Queen Elizabeth in mourning.

On Friday, in fact, One of her best friends, Anne Fortune Fitzroy, Duchess of Grafton, has passed away. woman He passed away at the age of 101, after serving the royal family for 69 years.

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in a 1980 Awarded the Grand Cross of the Victorian MonarchyIt is the honor bestowed on her by Queen Elizabeth for her services. Also in 1954 Queen Elizabeth was the godmother to Anne Fortune’s second child.

And therefore After the departure of Prince PhilipDear husband, it’s time for another stroke of the heart, Elizabeth As well as the death of his dear friend Anne Fortune (We can see a photo of her, accompanied by the Queen, a few lines below.)

Anne’s role in Elizabeth’s era wasrobes mistress‘, that by saying High-ranking woman waiting, with a mission Take care of the king’s clothes and jewels, the role of great responsibility.

Arriving at the royal house This happened in 1953, coinciding with the coronation of Elizabeth, Queen of England. His main role, prior to becoming leader of the Victorian monarchy, was to “bedroom lady‘, that by saying The Queen’s official camaraderie.

Duchessa Grafton and Regina

The Duchess was born in 1920 and has five children, two boys and three girls

The Duchess of Grafton Born in 1920 and married in 1946 to the Duke of Grafton, Hugh Fitzroy, who passed away in April 2011. The Duchess of Grafton received the title three years after her marriage to Hugh, After becoming a “treasury lady”.

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She was the mother of five children, two sons and three daughters.

The Duchess has performed one of the most important duties for all the various occasions, including state visits. The role of Anne of Fortune was officially recognized by the Queen in 1980 When he elevated her to the rank of Grand Duchess of the Cross.

It is not a lucky time for the Queen, after the loss of her ex-husband, health problems worsening, for her, the disappearance of one of her closest people.

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