Ikea product that removes dust, dirt and water droplets (less than €5)

Ikea product that removes dust, dirt and water droplets (less than €5)

IKEA, cleaning tool costs 5 euros (velvetstyle.it)

Ikea launches the product that will be everyone’s summer wish, ideal for cleaning any space for less than 5 euros.

One tool capable of ensuring a thorough cleaning, It will eliminate dust and dirt in general as well as water, both indoors and outdoors.

There are no restrictions in terms of Material And products, It can be used practically anywhere and on any surface.

How to clean perfectly and effortlessly

Everyone’s dream is to clean up quickly And with minimal effort but, especially when it comes to outdoor space, it’s not always difficult. After all, just imagine what property requires every day. Obviously, the floor is difficult and complex Not only does it not dry quickly and must be treated appropriately according to the materials but it often makes hair and dust difficult to remove.

Generally a pass from the vacuum cleaner It first makes a valid but not perfect contribution because, especially in some parts of the house such as the kitchen or the bathroom, dirt tends to accumulate easily and it is enough A few moments to find hair and hair everywhere. This is more difficult when there is a pet shedding. Then cleaning becomes epic. Commonly used tools such as a mop are not enough to clean quickly and well.

Floor cleaning
Quick floor cleaning (velvetstyle.it)

This does not go deep everywhere, once wet it weighs a lot. It also does not adequately collect dirt especially the hair that sticks everywhere. The mop must be sterilizedBecause it is made of fabric, if it stays wet it will do nothing but multiply germs and bacteria and thus also become dangerous, especially when there are children crawling in the house.

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So you have to choose traditional tool Brush but for corners and floor joints you have to go ahead by hand. It is often necessary to use baking soda and salt to disinfect and whiten joints where water often accumulates. This is without counting Outer space and all the problems Attached to it, not only in summer when the heat helps drying but above all in winter when water accumulates on the roofs and keeping the terrace or terrace clean is impossible.

Dirt and dust IKEA product

Ikea launched one of Most useful product in its entire historyit is about Pepprig mopNice to see and practical Used for only 5 euros. This can be used anywhere, even if it was born as an earthly tool. And because it is light and versatile, it allows you to effortlessly clean any corner of the house. From dirt to water it removes anything, it is very light with aluminum handle and soft head which makes it possible to reach anywhere.

Floor cleaning tool
IKEA doormat, product of the future (velvetstyle.it)

It’s perfect for Clean outdoor space Without the need for drying but also the interior for quick cleaning, especially in the summer. It’s also practical because it also allows you to clean windows, showers, and any item you find overhead that isn’t easily accessible. In particular, it can remove hair, dirt and fur in one go, all the things that are hard to find with the classic rag, especially in the bathroom or on the balcony. The head rotates 180 degrees It is therefore oriented according to needs even in very narrow spaces. The handle also has a small hole on the top so you can hang it up easily.

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However, the real advantage is that it is a special material, The head is actually in the EVA and this is where the revolution is born. This material is soft but hard at the same time and can be used without danger even on the most delicate surfaces such as wood, it leaves no marks and has no effect.

EVA What is the material of the future

This material is very special because it is actually one of the winning options for the future. Eva represent ethylene vinyl acetate Any plastic material derived from ethylene and vinyl acetate. It is a polymer from which items such as rubber are produced, and it is very soft and flexible, typically. However, over time, these materials, destined for different uses, have found very practical applications even in everyday life. are marked b Incredible lightness And at the same time with an excellent duration compared to any other type of similar material.

Shower glass cleaning
How to clean shower glass instantly with Ikea (velvetstyle.it)

And waterproof, It’s a lot healthy Resistant to chemical agents, even oils and high temperatures. So they do not crack, do not burn and cannot be “worn out”. In fact, it resists wear in an excellent way, impacts such as vibrations or even shocks have no effect, it is among the best products in terms of resistance to stress, it does not absorb external elements and is practically impervious by fungi and bacteria In addition to being completely hypoallergenic and anti-toxic.

So it is in essence Bomb proof product Because it does not wear out over time, it does not wear out or wear out, it can be used anywhere, it does not scratch and it is ideal for cleaning thanks to its capabilities. It is no coincidence that it is used for photovoltaic panels, in packaging, for shoes and for protection. It’s safe In fact it is widely exploited in the field of biomedicine. So Ikea managed to create a revolutionary, practical and indestructible product for only 5 euros, not to be confused with the typical outdoor brushes which are instead made of a rubbery material and therefore break easily.

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