Here’s how to fix if your washing machine jumps and turns during the spin cycle

Here’s how to fix if your washing machine jumps and turns during the spin cycle

Problems with the washing machine jumping during the spin cycle? Here’s how to quickly fix it permanently.

Glass on the washing machine –

It may happen that some washing machines, after a few years, begin to move through the spin cycle. If the washing machine jumps and moves in the last stage of washing so much that it moves, there are several solutions to this problem.

The washing machine skips during the spin cycle

There are many reasons The washing machine may make noises or skip and move around during the spin cycle. However, there are some workarounds that can help fix the problem. First you need to make sure that you do not load too many clothes into the washing machine. If the washer is overloaded, it may not be able to properly distribute the weight May cause vibration and noise during the spin cycle.

What to do if the washing machine skips?
What to do if the washing machine skips –

Ensure that the washing machine is installed on a flat and stable surface. If the washing machine is tilted or not quite stable, it may make noise during the spin cycle. The level can be used to check that the washer is positioned correctly If not, you can purchase special feet to adjust the height.

Make sure the legs of the washer are securely attached. It may be necessary to adjust the feet to level the washing machine. In some cases, it may be necessary to add a non-slip mat under the washer to help reduce vibration.

Even a damaged gasket can cause a washer to malfunction. Ensure that the washer door seal is clean and in good condition.

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Clean the washer
Cleaning the washing machine –

If the seal is dirty or damaged, it may cause water to leak during the spin cycle e It may also cause sufficient noise and vibration to move the machine.

However, the most common problem can depend on the shock absorbers. In fact, if it is not well lubricated, it may prevent proper functioning of the drum by causing the washer to move during the spin cycle. Let’s see together how to solve it.

How to repair a washing machine

Lubricating the shock absorbers of the washer is very simple and with a little ingenuity. The first thing to do to continue is to remove the filter.

You will need to place a baking tray or rag under the washer as there will be water leakage. Once the filter is removed, take the opportunity to clean it and dry everything thoroughly. At this point you should Turn the washer upside down so you can see the base. You will easily recognize the two arms that are the shock absorbers.

Set up the washing machine
Washing machine repair –

Use a wrench or the appropriate tool depending on the shock absorber fasteners to remove them from their housings and pull them out of the washer.

I did that, Separate two parts of the shock absorber and get some lubricant for the mechanical parts to distribute to both parts. Put the two pieces back together and wipe off the excess oil.
Now you can reassemble the shock absorbers and you will immediately notice that with the next spin cycles, the washer will no longer work and the vibrations will be reduced to a minimum.

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