Goodbye Roberto da Crema aka ‘Pavo’, TV world in ‘Mourning’: there was nothing they could do for him | He left

Goodbye Roberto da Crema aka ‘Pavo’, TV world in ‘Mourning’: there was nothing they could do for him |  He left
Roberto Da Crema aka “il Baffo” –

The king of telemarketing has disappeared from the world of entertainment, leaving a sense of resentment for those who have been following him for a while: what happened to him?

How to forget an adjective like Roberto Dacrema, The man who made himself heard in the Italian world of distance shopping. She is an unconventional personality who immediately took in the fact that selling any product has to be compelling.

His sizzling voice, the way he slammed his fists on the table and threw the things he sold made him famous in the entertainment world. In short, it is impossible not to know him, but in reality there are few who really know his history.

today 70 years old But in the 1980s he pioneered the TV tele shopping And also businessman. DA.BI is one of its first companies, in collaboration with Maurizio Bianchi. While he has had some success in his industry, he has had several under the indictment. At that time it was notified by the financial department, A fine of one thousand billion pounds – About half a billion euros – for not respecting the right of withdrawal.

in the mid 90’s, Il Baffo tried to free himself from telemarketing To enter the world of entertainment. He tried his hand at music, recording a dance album called ‘Vendo’, and then applied to several movie shows. We will remember him on the reality show farm, where he was disqualified for rowing. One of his most successful posts was definitely the co-op coffee room. But after several years, silence prevailed. The mustache is gone.

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What happened to the mustache? Goodbye Italian TV

Although his characteristics allowed him to become a well-known figure, the entertainment world has proven to be ruthless, even more so than he is. They’ve already tried everything: In 2017 he reappeared in some commercials such as unieuro, But also as an intermittent commentator A.J Five in the afternoon.

The world of television is in “mourning” for a sometimes hated but averagely highly regarded man who has so far decided – more or less – to distance himself from the much sought after world of entertainment. Robert Dacrema Go to Lampedusa With his wife and children, where he develops his great passion: fishing. In fact, he gets nothing from this activity, except for good fish.“When the fishermen saw my great passion, they began to invite me on their fishing boats. Now, from time to time, I sell fish behind the market counter. I do it just for fun.”

said Roberto da Crema "mustache" -
Roberto Da Crema aka “il Baffo” –

Today, in fact, the man makes his living from the proceeds of a stock and merchandise company run by his sons Maurice and Valentina, which it works with. Moreover, in 2022, “Wanna” is released, and the docu-series is released Netflix which tells the television career I want Marchy and daughter Stephanie Noblewhere we also find a participant Robert Dacrema.

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