A Sabadellian will defend the socialist amnesty law in Congress

A Sabadellian will defend the socialist amnesty law in Congress

he Congress For discussion and voting on Tuesday afternoon Amnesty law. The text that reaches the plenary session is what they agreed upon PSOE, ERC and Junts During the procedures followed, in which these forces provided greater protection to prevent judges from exploiting the terrorism exception and the confidentiality of the procedures to invalidate the amnesty of those investigated in the Democratic Tsunami, the Council for Development and Reconstruction, and the 'Wolhof' operation. As a result of new judicial maneuvers, Junts and the ERC have kept alive several amendments that aim, among other things, to eliminate any reference to terrorism Within law enforcement exceptions. At the moment PSOE He refuses to introduce any changes, but keeps the negotiation channels open.

Today the transcendent in the political sphere will have a prominent role in Sabadell. According to TVE, Rep Paco Aranda (PSC) He will be responsible for defence Amnesty law By the Socialists in the House of Representatives. He himself confirmed last week that the law was a decisive step for “reunification” and “a return to politics that he should never have left.” According to Aranda, it is a fully constitutional text that seeks to build a “better” state.

Aranda recurs in this legislature as Socialist spokesman for the House Justice Committee. Now, the PSC has entrusted its representation to the representative in one of the main committees of the legislature. The amnesty law is the only item on the agenda of this week's plenary session. The discussion will begin at 3:00 pm with a presentation by Aranda, who will have 12 minutes to intervene. Groups wishing to defend their amendments will then have 7 minutes each, and other groups will be able to intervene for 7 minutes each.

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Paco Aranda (1977) is the only representative from Sabadell in the Chamber of Deputies. A graduate in law from UB with a Postgraduate Certificate in Legal Practice, he first appeared on Barcelona's PSC lists in the 2019 general election and repeated that in the electoral contest last July.

Paco Aranda (PSC) from Sabadell will be the Justice Spokesperson for the House of Representatives

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