They turned in an additional 14,400 signatures in defense of La Mola Restaurant

They turned in an additional 14,400 signatures in defense of La Mola Restaurant

The owners of La Mola restaurant delivered more than 14,400 signatures to the Matadepera City Council on Wednesday defending business continuity. About thirty people accompanied them. The establishment is in full countdown mode to lower the curtains after Diputació de Barcelona – the owner of the space – decided not to renew the franchise. He stresses that he wants to give new focus to the building, an 11th-century Benedictine monastery that is protected as a cultural asset of national interest. The aim, according to the county council, is to adapt the activity to more sustainable tourism.

The company's advocates showed off a sign bearing the slogan “No mola for everyone, not when the restaurant is closed” and presented the city council with more than 14,400 signatures in support of the campaign, while confirming that they had done so. Another 300 are also ready for delivery, collected from the foundation.

The restaurant's owner, Gemma Gemferer, regrets that the county council plans to close the business “because it brings too many people” to the top. Jimferer confirms that his family has cared for him for nearly 60 years. The last award was signed in 2019 and the county council has already warned it cannot be extended. Over the years, the restaurant owners have called for a solution, but the calendar has run out.

“In all these years we provided service to hikers, but we also helped in many accidents, served as a shelter, and also had a meteorological observation point,” adds Gimferer.

The 14,400 signatures arrived on Wednesday at Matadepera City Hall, 24 hours before the Barcelona Provincial Council presented, in the same city hall, the future plan for the space. The document, according to the agency, “draws a sustainable model” and includes various measures “to preserve the natural, historical, landscape and cultural values” of the building.

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At the same time that the provincial government plans to present its plan, the restaurant's advocates plan to collect signatures in Barcelona, ​​right in front of Depa's headquarters, in the middle of the Rambla de Catalunya. The campaign to defend the restaurant's continuity will culminate on Saturday at 12 noon with a demonstration at the top of La Mola itself (more information: “Double rally against the closure of La Mola restaurant”).

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Cover photo: Gathering at the door of Matadepera City Hall. Source: ACN

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