Here is depleted uranium ammunition, today’s news

Here is depleted uranium ammunition, today’s news

Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the war against Russia continues, and it can now count on new aid from the United Statesannounces support and supplies for Billion dollar. for the first time, Depleted uranium munitions.

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The allocation, which raises Washington’s commitment to Kiev to about $43 billion, becomes official news on the day US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visits President Volodymyr Zelensky. It is clear that the latest package includes weapons and military equipment, as well as humanitarian aid and resources necessary to support the state budget.

“In the continuous counterattack, Progress has become faster in recent weeks. Blinken said at the press conference with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba that this new package will help support it and ensure more stagnation in the work of Kiev’s forces. New supplies include components for air defense systems, ammunition for Himar missiles, communications systems – everything will come from Pentagon warehouses.

The new package, according to information reported by CNN, will include depleted uranium munitions for the first time. By the way, the shells will be used by Abrams tanks that will arrive in Ukraine in the fall. There is also $100 million for long-term programs and not quite for needs related to the current situation: “I met with President Zelensky and discussed long-term sustainable security agreements for the use of modern military equipment” between “land, air, sea and cyberspace.” Intelligence training programs are also on the list.

Blinken said that the United States is “determined to stand alongside Ukraine.”. President Biden has asked me to come here to strongly affirm our support and to ensure that we are making every effort, like other nations, to achieve immediate success of the counterattack.

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According to the latest information, Kiev forces, while advancing south, passed the village of Robotin, in the Zaporizhya region. However, it would be wrong to assume that once the first line of Russian defense is “broken”, the road goes downhill. The following lines also include minefields, anti-tank barriers and deep trenches.

“The second line is huge, even if it is not as strong as the first,” said Oleksandr Shtubun, spokesman for Ukrainian forces in the south. “The density of mines is less, but their number is large. The trenches and bunkers are not that solid, but I don’t understand why everyone is talking about weak defenses.”

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