Sitbello who, despite the defeat, qualifies for second place – OA Sport

Sitbello who, despite the defeat, qualifies for second place – OA Sport

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15.15 Thanks for following us and see you on our next live stream!

15.10 Bad day for Settebelo who lost the match after a good first quarter as time went on. Citibelo qualified second in the group, while the United States took first place.

The match against Italy and the United States ended with a score of 9-13.

0.20 Ferrero’s attempt repelled.

1.15 Shooting from the bottoms.

1.58 Gooooooooooool by Condemi, large diagonal, Italy and the United States 9-13.

2.15 Fondelli avoids the US grid.

3.14 Missed penalty by Damonte.

4.20 Del Longo dodges with a close American shot.

4.54 Gooooool, Damonteee, Second Personal Network, Italy and the United States 8-13.

5.29 Woodhead’s goal takes advantage of a ball in front of Del Lungo, Italy and the United States 7-13.

6.14 Goooooooool for Damonte, shy signs of recovery, Italy and the United States 7-12.

7.30 Despite Sitbello’s speed, there was an error in the offensive phase.

7.55 starts the last quarter.

The third quarter ends Italy and the United States 6-12.

0.56 penalty kick scored by the American Dabie on their way to victory, Italy and the United States 6-12.

1.14 Condemi tilt pole.

2.30 Bowen goal, short corner shot, Italy and the United States 6-11.

3.38 Gooooooooooooooool, Condemiiii folds his arms for the goalkeeper, Italy and the United States 6-10.

4.40 Italy lost attack.

5.21 Although Del Lungo, Ehrhardt Network, rejected, Italy and the United States 5-10.

6.10 Bowen network, in first place, unforgiving, Italy – USA 5-9.

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7.16 Special goal by Iichi Scratch after the American finale, Italy and the United States 5-8.

7.30 Gooooooooooooooool, perfect implementation of Dolce, Italy – USA 5-7.

7.55 The third quarter begins!

The second quarter ended, Italy-US 4-7.

0.14 US network, Woodhead with lightning fast action, Italy and the United States 4-7.

1.29 Gooooooooooooooooooool, Cassiaaaaaaaaaaaa nice angle shot, Italy and the United States 4-6.

2.47 Del Lungo blocks an American attempt.

3.55 Gooooooooooooooool, Dolceeeeeeeeeee, start back, Italy – USA 3-6.

4.22 Stevenson Network with USA, Italy and the United States 2-6.

4.40 Ferrero missed a good chance.

5.10 We need a shock from Settebello.

5.48 US targets with DAUB, the Americans stretch, Italy – USA 2-5.

7.08 US Network with Stevenson, Need Shock, Italy – United States 2-4.

7.55 The second quarter begins!

The first quarter ended, Italy – US 2-3.

0.40 Del Lungo saves a penalty kick from Irving!!!!!!

1.32 American goals with Abramson, Italy – USA 2-3.

2.35 Iocchi Scratch sends the distance.

3.14 Gooooooooooooooooool, Ferreroooooooooooooooooooo with diagonal, Italy – USA 2-2.

3.50 Gooooooooooooooool, Cinellaaaaaaaaaa, Settebello unlocked, Italy – USA 1-2.

4.59 Stevenson Network, Settebello in difficulty, Italy – USA 0-2.

5.24 Fondelle lube on the shaft.

5.47 Irving Network of the USA, in the counterattack, Italy – USA 0-1.

6.33 Bowen sends high from distance.

7.30 Crossing the Fondelle.

7.55 The first quarter begins!

13.55 National Anthem in progress!

13.50 in five minutes the national anthem.

13.45 De Fulvio and Etchenk rested out of the squad, ahead of the Europeans.

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13.40 Cinnamon and Iocchi Scratch in good condition.

13.35 Good evening and welcome to the men’s live water tournament between Italy and the United States.

Good evening, and welcome to the live transcript of the men’s match between Italy and the USA in the World Water Polo League, Sitbelo in search of a third victory.

Citibelo, after a resounding victory over Canada and a narrowly won match against France, is now facing the United States. Cinnamon and Iocchi Scratch are in good shape after the match against transalpines.

The blues Those invited to the event are: Jacopo Aliciani, Eduardo de Soma, Vincenzo Dolce, Vincenzo Renzoto Iudis (Ann Brescia), Francesco Cascia, Francesco Condimi, Filippo Ferrero (CC Ortigia), Andrea Fondelli, Lorenzo Bruni and Matteo Iucci Grata (RRN). Savona), Luca Damonte (Ferencvaros), Giacomo Canella, Marco del Longo (Pro Recco), Nicolas Preciotti (Army/Pro Recco), Luca Marziale and Gianmarco Nicosia (Telimar Palermo).

EventThe men’s water polo world championship between Italy and the United States of America.
Date: 07/24/2022
hours: 14.00
TV channel and live broadcast: Rayplay.

OA Sport brings you live broadcast of the Italy-USA men’s match from the World Water Polo League: Real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 14:00. Good fun!

Photo: La Presse

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