A massive landslide in a Turkish gold mine has buried nine workers

Landslide in a gold mine in Erzincan, Turkey It buried nine miners who worked there. According to the Turkish authorities, they are still searching for them in the hope of finding them alive.

The avalanche occurred around 14:30 local time, in an open-pit mine about 630 kilometers east of Ankara.

And in a video broadcast by the local NTV channel, you can find out how to do this A giant mass of dirt falls from one of the walls It advances in a liquid state throughout the valley.

The company operating the mine published a statement confirming the incident and explaining that the landslide occurred in an area where gold minerals are exposed to leaching. This means they stay They accumulate outdoors and are exposed to a cyanide bath To separate gold from stone.

The incident raised great concern, given that the complex in which the mine is located practically reaches the Euphrates River, and if metals mixed with cyanide reach the river It would be a fatal environmental disaster for the animals of the region. Local press reports that water reserves designated for human and agricultural use may be affected.

Some local activists have long warned Environmental risks of cyanide leaching operationsIt is a highly toxic substance that was manufactured in the mine. The group of engineers and architects also reports today that it filed a complaint in December against plans to expand the mine.

The Turkish Ministry of Justice appointed four prosecutors to investigate responsibility for the accident.

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