February 1, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Face-to-face access between Edoardo Tavassi and Davide Donadei – Big Brother VIP

in the garden between Tavasi And the DavidA heated confrontation regarding what happened yesterday broke out in the episode.

During the live broadcast, a confession from the businessman was shown, in which he refers to the kiss under the mistletoe with Mikulhinted at his possible interest in the VIP, “He has soft lips, let’s see what happens.” Whoops, giggle.

When Tavasi returns to what he saw, he claims that the joke could have been avoided and that he felt betrayed by someone he considered a friend.

For his part, David justifies himself by saying that it was a simple joke, and given Tavasi’s distinctly self-deprecating attitude, he would have expected him to respond with a joke of his own.

The Romanian VIP, sure of his thoughts, says that if he had made a joke about a potential girlfriend of the businessman, he would be more angry with him than with him, and therefore does not accept any justification.

David disagrees, and admits he was annoyed when he provocatively mentioned us with his girlfriend, “I’m over” He says very sorry. “It was based on what you said.” He answers, referring to the sect.

The two comrades continue to debate, but their thoughts and points of view are on two different paths. Will they be able to clarify and find a common point in this matter?

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