Helldivers 2: Bugs always find you because they can smell your characters

Helldivers 2: Bugs always find you because they can smell your characters

Hell Divers 2 It pits us against two categories of enemies: robots and humans Insects. The latter is very annoying and is able to find us in any case, even when we are not in sight. Why? Because we stink.

Okay, we're exaggerating a little, but that's not entirely untrue. Insects, who think from a narrative point of view, have Great sense of smell So they can find us very easily.

However, the real reason insects always find us is more related to living things the way of playing. There is no stealth system in Helldivers 2, so everything must be justified to work in the game. For this reason, the team says that enemies have a strong sense of hearing and sight and a wonderful sense of smell that allows them to find us even if we are hiding.

The information comes from a conversation between creator OperatorDrewski, and Game director Johan Billstedt and head of product testing, Patrick Lasota. You can watch the related video above.

Helldivers 2, enemies have highly developed senses

A nice bomb that eliminates any bug in Helldivers 2

“It's not that we have a stealth style of play, it's just that,” Bilstedt said Everything must have meaningLike all enemies, they have hearing and sight, […] “Some can approximate the location by scent if you are nearby.”

He states that some enemies with “highly developed senses”, such as Stalkers, can literally smell you if you're close enough, allowing them to “detect you regardless of whether they can see you or not.”

Let's remember that Helldivers 2 on Steam is still going strong, and still has over 400,000 players.

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