He was only 21 years old, which is unbelievable

He was only 21 years old, which is unbelievable

At The Skin Clinic, Jordan experienced a wonderful tragedy: he was only 21 years old, but his life was really ruined.

There are a lot of people who, during those two seasons – Season 3 also started a few weeks ago – de skin clinic They decided to turn to Dr. Craythorne. Among these, there are also juniors Jordan. He was only 21 years old when the boy sought help from an Irish dermatologist, yet he was living an impressive drama for some time.

Jordan Drama in the Skin Clinic: He was only 21 years old. Image source: Discovery

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Like many other heroes, Jordan also wanted to participate in a skin clinic and sought help from a dermatologist with a problem that made life truly impossible for about three years. Perhaps not everyone knows and probably imagines it, but those who suffer from a skin disease do not live in peace. And during Real Time, in fact, we met several people who said that they often feel uncomfortable or embarrassed for this very reason. Jordan, unfortunately, was one of them. Let me be clear: this is nothing serious, but he was equally eager to return to normal life. Let’s find out what happened together.

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The Skin Clinic, Jordan’s Drama When He Was Only 21: Terrible!

When I joined Dr. Craythorne A’s patients Skin Clinic, Jordan He said he suffered from this disease for 3 years. It was, as the dermatologist also said after the first consultation, of a severe form of acne that particularly spread on the little boy’s back. “Sacs and bubbles appear and they come out of the blood and cause harm.” Jordan told the doctor. Explaining that it all started about 3 years ago, but over time the situation got worse.

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Jordan Dermatology Clinic
Image source: Discovery

As with Chloe, the doctor also prescribed a decidedly low-dose vitamin A-based treatment to Jordan for about 4 weeks. Until then continue for another 3 months at a higher dose. Finally, the dermatologist suggested to Jordan that she could “heal” the scars with steroid syringes.

Jordan Dermatology Clinic
Image source: Discovery

After 3 months of starting the treatment, Jordan’s complexion improved significantly. “The medicine worked and the treatment changed me.” said the boy.

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