At the Olio Officina Festival, Assitol proposals between science and the market

At the Olio Officina Festival, Assitol proposals between science and the market

On the occasion of the Olio Officina Festival, the Italian Oil Industry Association wants to stimulate discussion on the complex situation of the sector

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Market, scientific research and innovation: These are aspects, different but interrelated, which helpsthe Italian Association of the Petroleum Industry, puts it at its center Participation in the Olio Officina Festival, scheduled event From March 2 to 4 at the Palazzo delle Stelline in MilanDedicated to the culture of olive oil.

Milano’s appointment comes at a very sensitive moment for all the champions of the olive oil supply chain, as they are grappling with inflation and high energy prices, as well as the consequences of one of the worst oil campaigns in recent decades. For these reasons, ASSITOL believes it is right to explore some key issues on the occasion of the Milan event, which has been a meeting point and discussion on petroleum products for years.

Starts Thursday, March 2, at 5:30 p.mwhere ASSITOL will immediately be the protagonist โ€œThe State of the Oil Sector in 2023. An Overview“. it will be Andrea CerseiDirector General of the Association, to track the current scenario of the world of olive oil, and to highlight its shades, such as Production deficit and climate changebut also highlights, such as the attractiveness of Italian and foreign consumers towards this product and its undisclosed potential in international markets.

Friday March 3 at 12.15We’ll go with the meeting more specifically.”Extra virgin olive oil: difficulties facing oil campaigns cited by industry and large-scale distributionIt will contain dialogue Laura Stefanini, Sales manager of the oil and canned food department in the cooperative. Mauro Tosinicommercial director of Salov SpA, e toAndrea Cersei, Assitol General Manager. Reduced quantities of olive oil from the latest campaign have forced companies to operate with 50% less oil than usual standards, always with “cute” sales below costa phenomenon that harms the entire sector and that ASSITOL has been fighting for some time.

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Science and innovation are necessary to resume production and, at the same time, improve the quality of extra virgin olive oil. in this compound, Friday, March 3 at 5 p.m At the meeting”Volatile Compounds: Work is underway to supplement extra virgin olive oilwill be evaluatedAnalysis of volatile compounds, an analysis system that was studied by a working group created by ASSITOL several years ago to evaluate, in particular, aspects of the application in the context of quality control. This new system will allow the identification of molecules, through chemical analysis, on the basis of the organoleptic properties of extra virgin olive oil, paving the way for better characterization of the oil’s sensory profile and strengthening of panel testing. On this subject, they will confront each other Anna KaneHead of Olive Oil Group at ASSITOL, H Lanfranco ContePresident of the Italian Society for the Study of Fatty Substances.

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