He was hospitalized, and the man was arrested

He was hospitalized, and the man was arrested

Near the tragedy in Canada, where a 6-year-old boy was injured From one in 4 in the aboriginal community in the province of central manitoba.

Fear in Canada

The children have been located In a house on Peguis First NationPolice said in a news release, 185 kilometers north of Winnipeg, when they found the gun.

At that point, the A 4-year-old boy shot his friend Of the 6 were taken to hospital immediately. The episode returns to Monday, February 27th.

arrest a man

injured child He was taken to Winnipeg with serious injuries. According to Canadian media reports, he was going home in the meantime and would be doing well.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers seized five firearms and ammunition from the home. In addition to the crossbow.

a A man has been arrested and charged with unlawful detention from a firearm.

The accident occurred in the central Canadian province of Manitoba

Statement from the police

The police considered it important to release a statement about the incident “because we know they are there Many gun owners in the province.”

“And A lesson of what can happen if you don’t store it properly firearm. Something bad can happen, and it can happen quickly. It could have been prevented,” the police spokesperson said, stressing that “it could have been much worse.”

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On February 22, 2023, still in Canada, a terrible discovery was made in the area British Columbia. Near the former Catholic school Marieval Indian Residential 17 mass graves with at least 751 bodies of children. It is, in all likelihood, a relic Indigenous childrenThey were forced into institutions of this kind to be “converted” to white culture.

On December 19, 2022, a massacre took place in an apartment building in Toronto where an armed man broke into killing 4 people and also became a victim of the attack. victims They are found in several apartments in the buildingHe specified the local police chief, adding that all residents were evacuated immediately.

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