Russia, Johnny Depp and other American celebrities “heroes” of military propaganda

Russia, Johnny Depp and other American celebrities “heroes” of military propaganda

In Russia faces Johnny Depp And the Ashton Kutcher Featured on posters during D-Day, as well as special ones Bonnie And the Clyde During the live TV broadcast. The news has spread all over the world and many are wondering if it was an oversight or an intentional choice.

Hollywood stars or Soviets?

Russian propaganda remains a big question mark.
We are located in the People’s Republic area Luganskin a city Alchevsk.
From here, during the Second World War, thousands of volunteer soldiers expressed their desire to fight the invaders. During the celebration of victory in ‘Great Patriotic War’ But this year, photos and videos posted by local residents with the face of two Hollywood celebrities with the caption “Heroes of the Soviet Order of Glory” appeared on the Internet and on social media.
Faces are instantly recognizable: one of them is the actor’s face Johnny Depp The new winner of the case against Amber Heard, the other of his teammate Ashton Kutcher.

However, none of those present asked For two actors to be photographed He was born in that very United States He flies He doesn’t have a great deal of sympathy. Even as you age, counting the years makes you smile: Actor Depp has just turned 59 and Kutcher is 44. It states that under Depp’s picture there is a very ornate name Papanin Nikolai AndreevichSince June 3, 1944, he is considered a “Hero of the Soviet Union”. On the other hand, the statement attributed to Kutcher had the caption as Lipovenko Peter Nikolaevichwho is also considered by the Russians as a war hero.

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censorship “criminal”

Who does not know American criminals Bonnie Parker And the Clyde Barrow Who talked about it the most in the early 1930s in the United States? Maybe there is an answer. Dniprovska Panorama news channel reports that during the concert on May 9 – which is celebrated Victory Day – Russian state television broadcasts Bonnie and Clyde on Channel One as war victims. The reaction of the attendees was not immediate, while the news spread on social networks so much that some users wondered if that was the case. “A joke, serious disrespect or ordinary Russian ignorance”.

The controversial independence

Lugansk People’s Republic de facto country limited recognition Declared on 28 April 2014. Separatist authorities unilaterally declared independence from Ukraine on 12 May 2014, after a referendum. Since February 21, 2022, leader Vladimir Putin has recognized the Luhansk People’s Republic as an independent country and Ukraine It does not recognize its independence It claims an entire territory as an integral part of the Ukrainian state.

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