“Don’t panic, but those who have not been vaccinated should worry”

“Vaccinated people should not disrupt their plans”

The US president said, “Yes, we should be concerned about the spread of the Omigran variant,” but “there is no reason to panic. It will not be in 2020” because “most people are vaccinated today”. “Vaccines and promoters should not regret their year-end banquet plans,” Biden said in the hours leading up to the millions of Americans already flocking to airports. This is despite the fact that the numbers seem increasingly annoying.

The Omigron variant is widespread in the United States

In fact, the Omigron variant is widespread in the United States. It now has 73% new infections and is forcing Joe Biden to revise his plans. So, the president, who speaks to the nation on live television, launches a real winter campaign against the virus, but does not attempt to generate alarm. There are no new locks that could endanger Christmas and the economic recovery, but a complete step in spreading the vaccine and Govt tests.

Pitton’s plan As of Monday, there were about 254,000 new infections registered in the United States, the lowest number since September. The plan, developed by management to deal with emergencies, provides for the deployment of more than a thousand soldiers in hospitals, by sending doctors, specialists, paramedics and nurses to the growing number of hospitals. At least 500 million anti-Rapid Govt tests are coming in, which will be distributed free of charge even if they start in January. You can order them online and send them directly to your home for free. Therefore, the President has the right to seek the Porsche Act of 1950, the Defense Production Act, to expedite the production of tests that rarely begin across the country. Other measures announced by Biden include the construction of new vaccine centers for administering doses by federal staff, starting in New York and opening the first sites at Christmas.

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