This is where it ended up today

This is where it ended up today

Anyone who has been following entertainment broadcasts for a long time A 7 He knows well Guitarist from Live Publicity. But for a while, viewers noticed an absence Roberto Angelini In the program that is broadcast live every Friday evening on La7. What happened to the guitarist? Why was he replaced by Daniel Fiachky? Will we see him again? There are many questions from viewers of Propaganda Live.

What happened to the live publicity guitarist?

Neither the program nor the Propaganda Orchestra left: Roberto Angelini He is touring around Italy with Niccolo Fabi, as seen from a snapshot that Fabi himself posted on his Instagram page. So don’t worry: no physical discomfort or abandonment by Roberto Angelini, but simply a break from the love of music and the guitar.

Roberto Angelini

Controversy in the restaurant and Roberto Angelini’s apology

Beloved songwriter Roberto Angelini (Bob, as friends call him), he was famous for being Guitarist from Live Publicity, was at the center of controversy a few years ago because of its Romanian restaurant, Kiko Sushi Bar. The story caused a stir around him and Propaganda Live and there are many Italians who have stopped appreciating and following Roberto Angelini. ID “A radical elegance that promises well and raids poorly”, the guitarist received a huge fine (a good sum of 15,000 euros for undisclosed work). In particular, she allowed her friend to be her black contestant Kiko Sushi Bar. After the fine, Roberto did not hesitate to write a fiery post and insult the knight, who immediately replied that she had not reported her friend, but had simply been suspended by the Guardia di Finanza.

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The uproar around this issue forced Angelini to leave the management of the Japanese restaurant and leave the TV show Propaganda Live. However, 7 days later, Angelini reappeared on the La7 broadcast which he still participates in today.

Who is Roberto Angelini?

born in 1975, Roberto Angelini Famous Italian guitarist, better known to the public than his soloist for his participation in the Propaganda Live program.

Live advertising guitarist
Live advertising guitarist

Few know that he is the author of the famous song Calour sung by Emma Maroney and released the 2010 Song of the Year.

In his career he has been a songwriter, producer, author, pop star, and much more.

As he himself declared, he is closely related to everything Live advertising group which he considers his second family. He loves his job, playing guitar, but also loves composing songs, writing music, and talking about important topics in songs he writes for other artists.

He was linked for 10 years to Claudia Pandolfi, and today he has a 13-year-old son to whom he has passed on his passion for music and plays any instrument well. On the next album, as he recently spoiled, there will also be a piece of music by his son. Who knows if the Italian public would love the son’s music as much as the father does now. In the meantime, keep following Roberto Angelini on social media and soon again on La7.

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