What science says about the blood type diet to lose weight

What science says about the blood type diet to lose weight

All people are characterized by belonging to a certain blood type. It is an element that is recognized by the antigens found in red blood cells.

This is a topic of great importance in some areas of medicine. But for some time now, we’ve been hearing about it in relation to another dimension. Indicating the possibility of following a blood type diet to lose weight or to stay healthy anyway.

But what are we referring to? How it works? Questions that can be answered by relying on reliable sources.

How is the blood type diet?

More than just weight loss, food ideas of this kind are closely related to the supposed affinity between foods and themes.

The blood type diet is based on the idea: the type of blood type will give each type of food it prefers.

For example, those with group 0 might be an expression of the oldest human group, and so would have hunter-gatherer characteristics. So he should eat more meat and less grain. There are other similar examples.

However, as the Italian Cancer Research Society website explains, there will be no scientific evidence regarding the quality of this strategy. It is asserted that the blood type diet is considered “unreliable by medicine”.

What science says about the blood type diet to lose weight

From what can be inferred from the reported information, there is another aspect that must be emphasized. There is no shortage of people claiming to have benefited from the blood type diet.

However, it is likely that this is a direct result of the fact that the individuals involved may have stopped eating sugars, processed products, refined grains and fatty foods and increased fruits and vegetables. They will do so because of the blood type’s diet.

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So he would implement all those general suggestions that food professionals recommend for a healthy, balanced diet. Some form of prevention is necessary to eliminate the risks of overweight, obesity and other diseases that can be induced with an incorrect diet.

So the blood type diet will not give any particular benefits. TheAIRC. So there will be no strict correlation between blood type and the benefit of eating certain foods without eating others.

For better weight loss always rely on a specialist

However, it can be concluded that this diet, if it becomes an excuse to eat well and perhaps in the right quantities, can be an instrument of well-being. And maybe even lose weight.

It’s best to follow what the science says. Like, for example, in the case when there are indications of what to eat in the case of a fatty liver. And if you want to lose weight, it is better to rely on a specialist for results and not take risks.

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