Harry, the book bomb is coming out in January. Meghan Markle accused of bloody earrings

Harry, the book bomb is coming out in January.  Meghan Markle accused of bloody earrings

There is a release date for Harry’s famous diary, on January 10. And after it’s over, he can say goodbye to any chance of re-establishing a relationship with his father Charles, William and Kate Middleton. While his wife Meghan Markle is swamped by controversy over the gods “Bloody” earrings wear in 2018 in Fiji Which appears to be of bloody origin. And so the Sussexes see their privileges and reputation crumbling before their very eyes.

Harry, what are you risking in your diary

as it’s known, Harry advance from 20 million dollars To publish three books in which he promised to tell the uncomfortable background of Palazzo’s life. The first volume was scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022 but the death of Queen Elizabeth upset all plans, especially since the prince wanted at all costs to review and judge the text. Very dangerous to himself and Megan Markle, now that his father Charles is king. In fact, this book seems to contain heavy criticism of King and puts him in a very bad light.

But Harry’s claims and the poison explosions are now too risky for him and his wife. Indeed, to strike Charles now means to strike at the royal establishment itself, and in particular means to forever antagonize the king who can cut off the privileges he has left to the spouses and also the role, albeit minor, which is still afforded to him in the real family. In other words, Harry and Meghan will lose their prestige and become a “normal” couple of wealthy people. Not so much if you think the new British Prime Minister, Rishi SunakAnd the It has assets of 810 million dollarsWhile Carlo can only count on 500 million. And Harry and Meghan sure have less than that.

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Harry, when the book comes out it will make Carlo angry

Hence Harry’s attempt to delay the publication of his book to soften the text, which makes it significantly less effective. But in the end there is a release date, and it is On January 10, 2023According to rumors leaked by Penguin Random House. The latter described the volume as an “intimate and honest memoir”, promising that “Prince Harry will present an honest and captivating portrait”.

The contents of the book seem to be highly classified and none of the royals know exactly who and in what terms they are speaking. The only thing that has emerged is that Harry will tell us about his life, starting from childhood, focusing a lot on his military years, right up to marriage and the birth of children.

Meghan Markle, bloody earrings

While waiting to engage Carlo for the book’s release, Harry and Meghan have another headache. These are the earrings that Mrs. Markle She wore it in 2018 during the country tour of Fiji. It was to draw attention to the gem valentine’s day low book author Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown. The writer says these earrings were A wedding gift from Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman and that Meghan took them to a state dinner with the president of Fiji in 2018, three weeks after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Genocide According to a US report, the order was authorized by the Saudi prince.

Meghan’s staff has long claimed the earrings are on loan from a famous jeweler, but Low denies them and returns them to MBS, damaging Lady Markle’s image as an activist and supporter of women, most needy and the truth. The Duchess’s team has always defended her, arguing that it’s impossible that “Meghan wore these earrings knowing that They came from hands stained with blood“.

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But no one wanted to contact the Sussexes directly, Law wrote, citing an anonymous source: “We’ve made the decision not to confront Meghan and Harry about this.”

But shortly after the famous dinner, Megan wore it again”bloody earrings“On the occasion of Carlo’s birthday. On that occasion, one of the assistants raised the issue with Harry says he’s ‘shocked’ From the fact that no one knew the origins of those precious.

Sussex’s lawyers later claimed that the Duke was never asked about this. Speaking on behalf of the couple, the law firm Schillings said: “It is possible that he said the earrings are borrowed, which is true, because gifts from heads of state to the royal family are gifts to Her Majesty the Queen, who can. Then choose to lend them to family members.”

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