June 3, 2023

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Revenue Agency Presses Anti-fraud Bounties – Ultima Ora

ANSA LAVORO – ROME, June 20 – The Revenue Agency is pressing the promotion of automatic compliance by taxpayers and ramping up action against bonus and refreshment fraud. It also focuses on more efficient “smart” services for citizens and pays costs faster. These are the office operational addresses sent by Revenue Agency Director Ernesto Maria Ruffini.

In particular, automatic compliance will be strengthened, with an increase in letters of advocacy for compliance and the oversight activity will target in particular frauds, carried out through the illegal use of tax credits and “unlawful access’ to non-reimbursable contributions and aid against the economic consequences of the pandemic. .

It is also envisaged to provide more efficient services, an online dialogue thanks to which the Revenue Agency aims to improve assistance to citizens and speed up the disbursement of payments and grants, to return the necessary liquidity to society. Entries are found in the circular signed by Agency Director Ernesto Maria Ruffini with the operational addresses of the offices. From scheduled appointments in the office to video calls, and from phone to web services, the Revenue Agency intends to ensure more efficient services and online dialogue thanks to the tools deployed during the pandemic. (Dealing).

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