Alex Belli opens GF Vip’s red door, and Soleil Sorge stops him / ‘I can’t do that’

Alex Belli opens GF Vip’s red door, and Soleil Sorge stops him / ‘I can’t do that’

Alex Bailey Threatening to leave the house Big Brother VIP 2021 After the live broadcast with Alfonso Signorini. The actor, immediately after the end of the sixteenth episode, approaches the red door and opens it to go away, but Soleil Sorge immediately closes it, trying to make him think to change his mind. “I’m going out guys, I’m not coming to confessional. I just can’t be here, do you understand? You have to stay here. You have to stay and I don’t want to put you in this nonsense here,” Sulli said as Biccy reports.

Alex Bailey approaches the red door several times, dangerously, with the strong intention of leaving the reality show to get to him Delia Duran’s wife.I’m sorry I dragged you into this situation, the thing is, I can’t stand here pretending. Because my woman came first and looked me in the eye. It’s not my game. My love is far more important than all these things, Billy adds.

Alex Bailey and Soleil Sorge leaving Brother Vip 2021 together?

Alex Bailey He is determined to leave Big Brother Vip 2021 after the confrontation with his wife Delia which shocked him so badly. Soleil riseHowever, he managed to stop him and make him think. With a similar shock, Sully also decides to leave the Cinecittà house if Alex Belli does so.

“If you want, I’ll come with you, I swear to you. I don’t stay here after something like that. I don’t like what happened. Here I take a**a and hear people yelling at my back every day. So if you leave, I’ll come too. Unfortunately I’m I understand you, but that’s not the way. Now we think, then decide with a calm head. If you want to make that choice later, I’ll also get off my GF VipSully says.

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