Money is being sought for 1750 billion maneuvers –

Money is being sought for 1750 billion maneuvers –
from Giuseppe Sarsina

The president deals with moderate Democrats and hopes to close before leaving for Rome, where he will meet the Pope and participate in the G-20. Then stop in Glasgow for COP26 on climate, where the United States wants to play a leading role

from our reporter
WASHINGTON – Joe Biden Still Matters Don’t appear empty-handed in Europe. in the evening of the day Today the President arrives in RomeWhere he will meet tomorrow Pope Francis. Then I will participate in G20 then to Climate Conference in Glasgow. Washington, Intanto, The White House and the spirit of the Democratic Party, moderate and radical, seek agreement On the $1.750 billion gambit, over a period of ten years. In judgment including the separation of i 380 and 500 billion dollars to be allocated to energy conversion. some examples
Tax incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, provisions for making distribution networks efficient, and incentives for converting public building systems.

It is true that Senator Joe Manchin’s veto is coming from the coal stronghold, West Virginia, blew the most interesting procedure: A mechanism for incentives and penalties to encourage producers to increase the share of energy obtained from renewable sources. However, even if it is reduced compared to the initial announcements, The Build Back Better package will be proof that the US is serious about climate change Thus they can request guarantees from other major polluters, such as China

But the parliamentary path is still complicated. Financial coverage is one of the most insidious problems. Centrist Senator Kirsten Senema opposes higher taxes on higher incomes and corporate profits. Therefore, the Left Party presented yesterday morning an alternative proposal to recover 300-400 billion dollars in ten years. In fact, real estate is 23%. Applicable to the revaluation of securities portfolios with a value of more than one billion dollars
. Those who have accumulated capital gains of $100 million for three consecutive years will also be affected. According to the estimates we are talking about An audience of 700 super-rich. It would be a fatal bite to characters like Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos. The idea does not anger Senator Cinema, but it has already been rejected by Manchin.

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