Maneuvering, towards Superbonus 110% also in villas for 2022 with Isee roof. Annuities, 102 share for one year

Confirmation of 110% Superbonus also on single-family homes for the entire 2022 year, for Isee owners up to 25 thousand euros. There is also scope for toughening preventive checks for citizenship income and lowering the bonus for those who decline two job offers. These are some of the points that came up during the control room of the Palazzo Chigi maneuver. The “decalage” of the check should be progressive, from the second rejection onwards, but the cutoff percentages are not specified.

Proposed stock 102 for 2022 only

Quote 102 for only one year, 2022. It’s the proposal the government was to make on one of the most controversial files that night. In addition to the one-year transitional quota, a fund was created for the transfer of workers punished by the new requirements. The women’s option will also be extended until 2022 and the extension of the monkey community into new heavyweight classes.

Interface bonus reduced to 60%

The meeting, which lasted nearly three hours in Shige Palace, began with an examination of the investment classes and then moved on to the remaining areas affected by the interventions. As for the face bonus, it must be renewed for the whole of 2022, but at a rate of 60%.

Towards stopping for cashback

As for cashback, on the other hand, we’re heading towards the final stop. The measure, which began last January and was then suspended in the second half of this year, has in fact been rescinded. It was also initially planned for the first half of 2022 and still has 1.5 billion available.

Tomorrow’s budget law in the CDM

In general, the budget law that will be presented on Thursday 28th at the Cabinet table confirms the balances indicated in the Dpb. In addition to Economy Minister Daniele Franco and Under Secretary of State Roberto Garofoli, the heads of the majority delegations were Giancarlo Giorgetti, Andrea Orlando, Roberto Speranza, Stefano Patuanelli, Mariastella Gilmini, Renato Brunetta and Elena Bonetti and the Economic Directors. A gift from each party.

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