Armed immigrants on EU borders, van der Leyen in counter-attack against Belarus. US Warning: “Just Orchestrate Floss”

“Today on the eastern border of the European Union, there is a very difficult situation from the beginning of the crisis.” Polish government spokeswoman Piotr Mller, in one Report Released on the evening of November 8, it summarizes the regime’s latest initiative Alexander Lukashenko We must put pressure on European borders to negotiate the lifting of sanctions. It was Belarus’ “hybrid war” against Europe. Immigrants with weapons selected by Minsk, are forced to cross the border illegally. But the obstacles remain. Instead, he declared, “I urge member states to extend sanctions against the Belarusian regime responsible for these hybrid attacks.” Ursula van der Leyen. Today alone, they gathered near the border forests of the Polish region of Podlaskie About 4 thousand people, Mostly from the Middle East. Polish authorities have been able to avoid irregular mass crossings, but tensions along the border remain high.

The head of the commission expressed “unity of the EU” in talks with the prime ministers of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. “The exploitation of immigrants for political purposes is unacceptable,” he added. But not only: “The EU is specifically exploring how to allow third-party airlines active in human trafficking, including blacklisting them,” explained Van der Leyen. Brussels will explore with the United Nations and its specialized agencies how to prevent the development of a humanitarian crisis and ensure the safe repatriation of migrants to their home country with the support of national authorities.

Condemnations have come from all top European officials. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, wrote on Twitter: “I urge the Belarusian authorities to respect international law and not to accept any attempt to exploit immigrants for political purposes. Paulo Gentiloni, Commented: “The humiliation of immigrants using Belarus as weapons. A terrible humanitarian crisis on the EU border. In 2021 alone, Belarus’ hybrid war led to the illegal entry of 23,000 people from the East into Poland.” Maximum alert at NATO headquarters in Brussels Migration flows, an official explained, “putting pressure on our allies. There Then Is ready to help them further and maintain security in the region. On the evening of November 8, the US State Department issued a warning: Belarus should stop “regulating” the flow of immigrants to Europe.

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