Halo Infinite: 343i announces the arrival of a new GTA 6-style trailer

Halo Infinite: 343i announces the arrival of a new GTA 6-style trailer

Excitement around the first trailer for GTA 6 So widespread that it apparently ended up infecting the 343i team as well, which in turn announced the arrival of a new trailer for Aura: Endless in 18:00 Italian time on Monday 4 December Via a post very reminiscent of the one Rockstar Games uses today.

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, Rockstar Games announced today the release date of the first official trailer for GTA 6 through an image depicting a sunset in shades of orange and purple, with white writing in the middle indicating the date and time the video will be published.

In a clearly joking manner, 343 Industries’ post follows the style of a Rockstar Games announcement, as we can see by comparing the two posts below. Not only that, but Mediatonic also had the same idea, announcing a new trailer for the game Fall of men 1 pm Italian time on Wednesday, December 6 in the same way.

Just a joke or something big brewing for Halo: Infinite?

In short, 343 Industries wanted to play in great anticipation for the official premiere of GTA 6, but it cannot be ruled out that the new Halo: Infinite movie scheduled to be shown on Monday will not bring important news for players.

The most likely hypothesis is that the video reveals the upcoming contents Mid-season update, which among other things should see the return of the Firefight mode, which was announced for the fifth season. We’ll see.

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