An Italian-Russian arrested by the services in Moscow: “Kiev saboteur” –

An Italian-Russian arrested by the services in Moscow: “Kiev saboteur” –

From our correspondent
Dnipro – It was Ukrainian intelligence that recruited him in Istanbul last February. Then training in Latvia. Ruslan Siddiqui, 35 years old, Italian-Russian passport, was arrested by the FSB in Moscow on charges of sabotage.. The last operation in November, and A freight train derails near RyazanSoutheast of Moscow, with 15 overturned vehicles. Last July 20, on instructions from the intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, it was reported that FManufacturer of explosive devices The Russian services stated that he “equipped four drones and used them to carry out an attack on the Diaghielevo Military Airport.”

Upon searching it, components for manufacturing explosives and bombs were found in the possession of the suspect. Communication devices and electronic media that “contain images and videos of crimes committed.” From what can be seen from his personal profiles on social networking sites, Apparently my friend has been to the Chernobyl zone several times. According to Russian media, he has no criminal record. Investigation of an “act of terrorism” and “unlawful possession, transportation, storage, transfer, shipment or transportation of explosives or explosive devices,” The man faces up to 32 years in prison. Also according to Russian media, he was arrested at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport, while Varnesina says she is following up on the case.

Instead, Ukrainian intelligence itself reports to various newspapers, incl Ukrainska PravdaAnd Reutersl The operation was conducted in Siberia along the strategic Baikal-Amur railway for trade between Russia and Chinaon which it was to be made Two trains full of fuel were blown up. The first explosion, at dawn on Thursday, included a transport train passing through the tunnel Severonomoysky Buryatia (the longest in Russia at 15.3 km), causing a fire that took hours to extinguish. A subsequent explosion occurred, a short time later, hitting another train carrying fuel as it was crossing a 35-meter-high bridge. Russian Railways confirmedTunnel explosion But they did not specify the reasons. Quoted by investigators Kommersant They claim that the device was placed under one of the train cars. But the second explosion has not been confirmed.

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The region is located about 5,000 kilometers from Ukraine. So the sabotage operation will be one Clear evidence of Kiev’s ability to penetrate Russian territory, even deeper. Beyond the Kerch Bridge connecting Russia with Crimea, he was beaten several times, which goes beyond targeted killings as in the case. Dugin’s daughter Daria is killed in a car bomb outside Moscow Much further than the operations in the Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine, and finally farther than the drones launched at the Kremlin. With another fact: in this case it will not only be Russia that will be involved, but also China, which Kiev accuses of supplying weapons to Moscow’s army.

In light of this increasing tension, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov It denounced Western plans to establish an American military base in the Black Sea and a British base in the Sea of ​​Azov, after the conclusion of the Minsk Agreements. Lavrov said during a press conference yesterday in Skopje, on the sidelines of the OSCE summit in which he participated amid controversy: “If you look at the map, you will realize that this is unacceptable for Russia.” Lavrov always accused the then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Due to obstructing an agreement between Moscow and Kiev to end the war in May 2022.

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