Hacking, TAR agrees with Agcom. De Siervo: “Now we need to block illegal websites”

The CEO of the Italian League commented on the ruling of the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio: “We must eradicate the plague that has caused and continues to cause damage of more than 300 million euros per year to Italian football.” Reda also on the side of the Dazen in the introduction to “The Battle”

The fight against piracy had a big day today with the ruling in favor of Agcom by TAR in Lazio. In fact, the Regional Administrative Court rejected Assoprovider's appeal against the new rules imposed by the Communications Authority to combat illegal broadcasting of football matches by pirated sites. After the green light for the anti-piracy law last summer and postponements in the past few weeks, the Piracy Shield platform can now actually get to work. Good news for Serie A and for those who have purchased our football TV rights. “The sentence in Section IV of Lazio's TAR – said the League's CEO, Luigi De Siervo – recognizes Agcom's authority and authority to deactivate illegal signals in 30 minutes, but above all, it demolishes the attractiveness of the Assoprovider, finally giving the green light. To eliminate piracy: Now it will really be possible to combat illegal broadcasting of Italian League matches. The court recognized that our donation of the “Piracy Shield” platform to Agcom is completely legitimate and that this will work to the benefit of the entire system. Since the sporting event lasts a little more than 90 minutes, The jurisprudence attests to the need to act quickly to stop piracy. The plague, which, I will not tire of emphasizing, has caused and continues to cause more than 300 million euros in losses “annually damages Italian football, clubs, television operators and all those working in this sector. “We also thwarted a recent attempt by the 'usual skilled people' to prevent the anti-piracy platform from going live.” We expect that after months of waiting, the “machine-to-machine” system will finally be operational in February, which will allow the boycott of piracy sites reported by rights holders. quickly.

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Reza Dazin

Even the streaming platform that bought the rights to broadcast all Serie A matches until 2029 commented on the ruling with satisfaction: “We have repeated many times – we read in DAZN's note – that the battle against piracy is a battle that we will all win or prevail.” We lose together, because it is an increasingly widespread and dangerous criminal phenomenon, which harms the entire Italian national system, and the ruling confirms that we are moving in this direction, and that the condemnation of piracy was unanimous, and the “Law against the illicit dissemination of contents protected by copyright” was unanimously approved. These are signals Strong, cohesive and unanimous lead us to believe that the battle can and must be won. In this context, anyone who continues to delay the full operation of the law and the platform will clearly be considered “on the side” of the hackers and criminals. Therefore, a round of applause for the work of Agcom, the government and the police forces Participation on the front line. And for all sports fans who, unlike digital hooligans, choose to support their team by cheering legally every day.


Serie B President Mauro Palata also expressed his satisfaction: “In this way we have a guarantee of certain and rapid times against piracy that affects our matches, an economic scourge that affects not only football in its institutions and clubs but also” thousands of workers in the telecommunications sector. Now we must not let our guard down, thanks to the imminent activation of the “Piracy Shield” platform to intervene directly and quickly against illegal streams and streaming sites.”

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