June 9, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Gylt: The Stadia exclusive previously appeared on Steam, is it launching soon on PC and consoles?

Gilt Until now it remained one of the rare Google Stadia exclusiveHowever, a leap to Windows PCs may soon be made steam And maybe on consoles as well, considering the game now has an official page on Valve’s store, albeit still without a release date.

Its arrival was actually expected, given that the development team itself, Tequila Works, has clearly said that the game will soon be available on other platforms, but at this point it should be close, considering that everything is ready on Steam for launch with it. Official Page.

Special Gilt action adventure With puzzles, which have a somewhat creepy and adventurous tone. Set in an old fictional mining town in Maine, the title presents a bizarre adventure starring Sally, a girl stalked by some bullies, who finds herself in a warped version of her town.

In this, all the fears and bad memories that haunt the girl’s mind seem to be fulfilled, in a surreal and sad world where nightmares form. At this point we await further information that should not be long in coming, perhaps with an expected launch also on consoles as well as on Steam.

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