“Guide to Red” wins Nuclear Physics Exhibition – Chronicle

“Guide to Red” wins Nuclear Physics Exhibition – Chronicle

“Not adrift towards red” by Francesco Balla, Aurora Galini, Diana DeBronzo of XXV April High School in Pontedera, is the winning work in the exhibition “Colors and Images of Science. The Art of Scientific Research” held at the Graphic Museum and organized by the Pisa Department of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics .

Museum president Virginia Mancini and director of the Infn of Pisa, Marco Grassi, spoke. The awarded works will make up the national exhibition and competition, which will take place at the National Archaeological Museum of Man in Naples from May 13-30. From Naples, the main guest works will be in September at CERN for the master’s degree in the relationship between art and science.

The 80 works on display were created by 250 students from secondary schools in Pisa, Pontedera, and Livorno. April 25 in Pontedera achieved extraordinary results. Second place “Infinite Ego” by Martina Rigoli, Lydia Daddy, Vittoria Lucchi from April 25, fourth “Evolution” work by Luca Fontanelli, Enrico Gentile, Filippo Mangone from XXV High School April and fifth “The Unsustainable Heavyweight of “essere” by Vittoria Mazzi, Giulia Caporale, and Letizia Camerini too, starting April 25. Other groups from April 25 received special mentions.

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