Sully, ex-boyfriend of Nicola reveals his secrets: “He cheated for…”


One of Big Brother Vip’s first likeable people talks for the first time

The weekly Di Più Tv dug into the past Soleil rise, one of the heroes of the sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip. Interview with the magazine published by Cairo Editore Nicolas Ippoliti, one of Jevina’s ex-boyfriends. One of the first people to like the young influencer and presenter.

The two had been in a relationship for nearly ten years, When Sully Sorge was only 19 years old. On the other hand, Nicola was 22 years old and worked as a model before graduating in Dentistry and Prosthetics. Today he is one of the most respected and appreciated physicians in his field, who is divided between his practice in Avezzano and those in Rome, Naples and Milan.

Soleil met Nicola in Avisano, the city of Abruzzo where she grew up after the early years of her life spent in Los Angeles. La Sorge and her ex-boyfriend had a great time The relationship ended because it was too immature: As Ippoliti explained, they were both too young to implement.

Select Nicolas Ippoliti Surge Surge good hearted girl And with great love for his mother Wendy, he was seen some time ago in Beijing Express as a couple with her daughter. The Doctor and Soleil meet thanks to a mutual friend even though Sorge might betray Ippoliti.

Boy revealed:

“I was with a football player who became a doctor today. The story she had with him overlapped with the story that started with me, betrayed him and there were tensions…”

Not only that: Nicolas and Soleil were also about to become parents, albeit very young. At some point in the relationship Sorge is actually late Which, however, turned out to be just a false alarm and nothing more. After that, the two decided to take different paths: Today Ippoliti has another girlfriend.

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All Soli Sorge fans

After the connection with Nicola Ippoliti Sulli Sorge ended he had several love affairs, many of which ended up in the middle of gossip. He loved Luca Onstini, Courtesed to men and women, and immediately after Marco Cartasinha, another former tronista of Maria de Filippi.

A while ago, Sulli Sorge liked it too Jeremias Rodriguez, Belin’s brother with whom he shared the experience on Celebrity Island. Recently, the 27-year-old experienced an overwhelming passion for Janmaria Antinolfi, a Neapolitan businessman is located in Big Brother VIP.

She has been dating Sulli for a few months Carlo Domingo, the son of a well-known fashion director: the two of them decided to live this bond in the utmost secrecy.

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