The Trump organization should be blamed for the CFO

(New York) Alan Weiselberg, the chief financial officer of the Trump organization, was denounced as “political” by the former US president’s agency for reporting his allegations to a Manhattan lawyer on Thursday.

Catherine TRIOMPHE
France Media Agency

An ardent supporter of Donald Trump and his family, Mr. Weiselberg, 73, appeared just before 6:30 a.m. in the Manhattan attorney’s office. New York Times He posted a photo on the magistrate’s premises.

His attorney, Mary Mulligan, confirmed the cases. “He is not guilty and wants to fight these charges,” he said in a statement to the AFP, without elaborating on the charges against him.

The Trump organization immediately blamed Democrat Cyrus Vance, a lawyer who has been prosecuting political wrongdoing within the Trump organization for more than two years.

Photo by John Mincelo, A.P.

Attorney Cyrus Vance

“The Manhattan District Attorney is initiating lawsuits related to employee benefits, which would not be considered by tax authorities or any other attorney,” said a spokesman for the Family Tower, which heads the Trump Tower in the popular 5.e Avenue.

Alan Weiselberg “is used as a soldier by the Manhattan District Attorney […] To try to harm the former president, ”Donald Trump added. “It simply came to our notice then. ”

Mr. The indictment against Weiselberg is expected to be made public on Thursday afternoon after a Septuagenarian is presented to a judge.

According to anonymous sources cited by the American media, the man who started working for Donald Trump’s father in 1973 was considered a finance director and was indicted by the Grand Arbitration Board for tax crimes related to undeclared benefits to tax authorities. Payment of free rental apartments, school fees for their family, luxury cars etc.

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The sources said that the Trump organization itself – an unlisted company that consolidates golf clubs, luxury hotels and other real estate properties – should be charged.

Trump is free for now

Depending on the case it may be charged with intentionally underestimating or overestimating its assets, which may be offenses of tax evasion or insurance fraud.

These allegations mark the first fruits of an investigation launched two years ago by Cyrus Vance, in which New York State Attorney General Lydia James was elected Democrat.

Mr. Vance significantly struggled for months to obtain the tax revenue of the former New York president, the first U.S. president since the 1970s not to release them.

The former Republican president, who held his first major rally last week after leaving Washington in obscurity over the 2024 new presidential bid, should not be blamed at this point in the statement. The investigation, or any member of his family, was quoted by the US press as evidence.

But the investigation is set to continue in the coming months.

If Mr Weiselberg is charged only for these benefits, and if it is a relatively minor misdemeanor, many observers believe that his charge may have been the primary motive for forcing him to cooperate with investigators: who knows all the ins and outs of family affairs. Trump can thus help them confirm cases and come up with substantial indictments, a tactic often used by American lawyers.

Donald Trump was the first millionaire to enter the White House in 2016. When he left for Washington, he refused to sell his business and simply left the regime to Alan Weiselberg and his two eldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump.

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But everyone said Mr. Vance and Mr.Me James continues. One of the lawyers for the Trump organization, Mr. Trump admitted he was “not out of the woods yet.”

Many of the former president’s opponents are publicly pleased with his company’s legal setbacks and are impatiently waiting for him to be directly involved.

His former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who was first convicted in Trump’s entourage and later sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty, tweeted Wednesday, “Pray for that day.”

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