Asks Allegri Kostik and Molina

Asks Allegri Kostik and Molina

The Juventus coach expects reinforcements on the wings, in defense the interest in Koulibaly is always alive

Not only Pogba and Di Maria. number, The Juventus market surpasses the French midfielder and the Argentine winger: Both are primary goals, that’s for sure, but director Cherubini’s work clearly goes further, having said that for the former Manchester United now, there is maximum confidence and calmness while for the former Paris Saint-Germain, there are contractual aspects (duration and participation) to be smoothed. But anyway, there’s also more. more. Defense, for example, with the desire to find an alternative Chiellini: di Coulibaly It has already been said, the card that the Bianconeri can use to facilitate The rather complicated negotiations with De Laurentiis Is this Demiral? If Atalanta does not take it back, as is likely, the idea is in fact to use the Turk as a pawn for the Senegalese, which, as we remember, expires in a year with Naples And do not intend to renew. For now at least.

And if it’s just a matter of waiting for the official announcement of De Sciglio’s renewal, The gangs remain the sectors that expect (and expect) reinforcements to take place. On the left nominate Philip Kostik: The Serbian, 30 in November, Expires in a year with Eintracht Frankfurt, with an accessible salary and a cost of no more than 15 million. In recent days, their prices have risen, according to the German newspaper Bild, a deal may have already been concluded. On the right, even if it’s a low wing in this case, the standout player is the Argentine MolinaFresh from a good tournament with Udinese. The cost of the previous Boca Juniors card that arrived in Italy with a free transfer in 2020 is much higher considering that Beneficiary Pozzo estimated at 25 million. In this case, times will be longer than those of Kostik, but that certainly does not dampen Juve’s interest.

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