Govt-19: 4th consecutive death toll in Russia, cases on the rise

Govt-19: 4th consecutive death toll in Russia, cases on the rise

Moscow, Russia | New record of rising deaths and pollution: Russia continues to be rocked by the intense fourth wave of COVID-19 preferred by the delta variation and laborious vaccination campaign.

For the fourth day in a row, the country recorded 887 deaths in the last 24 hours, according to a government report.

The previous day, there were 867 deaths.

In addition, 24,522 new infections were identified. A level that has not been reached since July 22nd. Cases are on the rise, mainly in Moscow (3,993) and St. Petersburg (2,281).

Since mid-June, Russia has been plagued by the delta virus, which is highly contagious.

The epidemic has increased tenfold due to the sluggish vaccine campaign, the refusal of officials to introduce strict health measures and the low respect for wearing the mask among the population.

According to statistics from the specialty site Coco, currently only 29% of Russians are fully vaccinated, while there are four national vaccines.

Russia is the most affected country in Europe with 208,142 deaths, according to government figures.

At the end of July, the Rossstad Statistics Institute had a wide range of deaths due to Covit-19, recording more than 350,000 deaths.

Authorities are currently denying any imprisonment for fear of weakening the economy.

However, at least three regions have announced the introduction of a health passport.

Such action is not yet on the agenda in Moscow, the main epidemiological focus of the country. In early July, Town Hall implemented such an arrangement for a few days, before finally abandoning it.

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