Davies and Pulisic, Giants Clash in the Final

Davies and Pulisic, Giants Clash in the Final

The final between the USA and Canada will decide North American soccer’s new superpower: Pulisic is ready to lead the Americans to glory, but Davies and his buddies have other ideas and want to complete the Canucks’ ascent to the CONCACAF roof.

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Information and forecasts Canada – USA

  • Latest precedent in World Cup qualifiers: Canada 2-0 United States;
  • place: Elegant Stadium, Las Vegas (USA);
  • date: Monday, June 19, 2023;
  • now: 02.30;
  • FIFA Rankings: Canada (47), USA (13);
  • prediction: 1 // over 2.5 // 1X;
  • Objective/NoGoal Prediction: Goal;
  • Predict the result: Canada 2-1 USA.

Canada vs. USA – Dispute on score, stats and possible lineups

ultimate CONCACAF Nations League between United States of America And Canada It promises to be a tough match, open to any outcome. The Americans are coming back from a convincing victory over Mexico in the semi-finals, dominating their opponents despite a plethora of tied cards.

It looks like the new American generation led by talents like Pulisic and Pepe are poised to take the reins of the region. However, this final is not just a stumbling block for a well-formed Canada who have been spurred on by the European successes of their champions David and Davis.

The two North American national teams have now reached the status of CONCACAF superpowers and their duopoly looks set to last for a long time. If the United States is still an underdog, Canada is no longer a simple outsider but an established fact that can fight on equal terms.

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The finale of this edition could mark the final rise of a new dynasty.

Background and statistics – The recent history between the United States and Canada is balanced, but with a slight advantage for the Canadians in recent meetings. Of the last five encounters held, Canada has won on two occasions, drawn on another, and the United States has won only one. The latest precedent dates back to the Qatar 2022 qualifiers, where Canada beat their rivals 2-0.

It seems that the United States has lost its former dominance over its northern neighbor, collecting two matches in a row without knowing the victory over the Canadians. The last time the Americans managed to defeat Canada in the 2021 Gold Cup, was almost two years ago, by a narrow 1-0 margin.

The CONCACAF Nations League final presents itself as the perfect opportunity for either side to break this trend of unequal results. The United States starts out as a favorite because of history and geography, but Canada arrives in great shape and with the confidence of knowing it can defeat its larger regional rival. The latter promises great vibes and a show worthy of the name.

Shares in the proceeds – The odds and bookmakers are tipping slightly in favor of the USA for overall victory in the highly anticipated CONCACAF Nations League Final. At Bet365.it, one of the leading global betting sites, a USA win (marker 1) pays around 2.05 times the bet against 3.40 for an eventual success for Canada (marker 2).

Starcasino.it, one of the most quoted Italian bookies, offers similar odds with a mark of 1 at 2.05 and a mark of 2 at 3.35. Thus a US victory in normal time seems the most likely scenario according to the traders. Fantasyteam’s assessment is more balanced, suggesting odds of 1.98 for Mark 1 and 3.20 for Mark 2: a vision that leaves both possibilities open.

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advice – The CONCACAF Nations League Final promises to be very balanced, as evidenced by recent precedents between the two North American national teams. Although the United States plays at home, the home factor may not be decisive, because the Canadians are used to playing away, and because part of the American push can be lost due to significant absences due to the suspension of McKennie and Acosta, two of the owners of the midfield.

With these introductions, and advice within this score, I will lean slightly towards Canada as a potentially more proactive team that can surprise the more famous Stars and Stripes formation. Herdman’s men are in exceptional condition and have shown they are equally capable away from home against the United States.

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Canada and the United States, possible lineups for Monday, June 19, 2023:

Canada (4-3-3): Bourienne. Johnston, Miller; Victoria, Adekogbe; Larrea, Eustachio, Davis; David, Laraine, Buchanan. CT: John Herdman.

USA (4-4-2): Turner. Scully, M.; Robinson, Zimmerman, A. Robinson; Musa. Weah, Della Torre, Polisik; Balogun, Baby. CT: Greg Berhalter.

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