The M3 processors are a liability, and Apple will soon abandon them to chase AI

The M3 processors are a liability, and Apple will soon abandon them to chase AI

Apple is in a hurry. There is a huge rush to catch up with AI and join the moving train, pulled by OpenAi, Google Gemini, and Microsoft's Copilot. The solution Cupertino hopes to find to avoid being left behind is… Get rid of M3 processors quickly And replace them with the new generation M4.

It must be said that the M4 is destined to be the first component created with artificial intelligence in mind, and it has been known for some time. Equally well known is the fact that the upcoming WWDC conference is focused on artificial intelligence, but today Bloomberg's Mark Gurman provides a series of details and thoughts on the matter; Specifically lets us know that Apple You want to replenish your Mac's CPUs much faster than you have done so far.

the first The Mac will arrive with the M4, the founder of a series of revolutionary components, by the end of this year. These will be the iMac, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini. Three wizards in the game: the basic, codenamed version without And two more are stronger, codenamed good And Haidarawhich is how they should be M4 Pro And M4 Max.

And then at the beginning of 2025 MacBook Air devices are coming Followed by Mac Studio and then later this year Mac Pro.

So far, Apple's roadmap with new processors has been inconsistent and often choppy. Suffice it to say that the iMac was launched last October, but the previous version with the M1 remained in circulation for two and a half years. The Mac mini with M2 dates back to January 2023, at which point it will skip the M3 generation and the same could happen with the Mac Studio and Mac Pro.

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The reasons why Apple would consider a complete revamp and quickly abandon the M3 would be two-fold: First of all, this component does not have a clear and indisputable advantage over the M2 (so much so that Apple compares M3 with M1 and sometimes even with Intel) Secondly AEveryone needs to catch up in the field of artificial intelligence Where Google and Microsoft are far ahead.

That's why Apple stands, as we know Preparing for a real revolution in the field of artificial intelligence that will begin with WWDC. It is one of the pillars of the Apple system There will be capacity Processors can perform a large portion of the tasks necessary for artificial intelligence without resorting to cloud services. This is why we need faster processors capable of integrating with operating system functions.

Let's remember that among the rumors circulating about Apple's AI plans, there are also those who want Cupertino's commitment to negotiate with Google to properly exploit Gemini, Google's AI engine, and the movement of technicians and technologies from the defunct Apple Car project. On internal Ai projects.

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