He seized more than a thousand consoles due to hacking – Nerd4.life

He seized more than a thousand consoles due to hacking – Nerd4.life

there Finance Police From Novi Ligure kidnapped more than a thousand tomato box to the pirateEight people were prosecuted for copyright infringement. Pandora’s chests are basically return consoles sold online and assembled as if they were plates of old coins, with dual joysticks and arcade buttons.

The problem is not with the hardware itself, which is perfectly legal, but with the fact that there are thousands of games preloaded on each console. Obviously, we are talking about titles from the past, so above all from the 80s and 90s, and in no way covered by copyright.

Investigations by Fiamme Gialle also revealed the existence of games with famous characters such as Super Mario, which are also obviously covered by copyright.

After checking for irregularities, the Alexandria Public Prosecutor’s Office was notified and ordered a warehouse search and the confiscation of Pandora’s boxes and other consoles located at the site. As mentioned earlier, eight subjects were loosely reported.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, a heavy blow was dealt to criminal activities that infringed copyrights and reduced the prices of games: the hardware plus about 6000 pre-installed games for 200 euros, compared to the real price of a single game of several tens of euros. (Here we should discuss, but we accept Circular Ed.).

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