Are Donald Trump and Melania divorced? The gossip circulating in the United States does not seem to have any basis

Are Donald Trump and Melania divorced?  The gossip circulating in the United States does not seem to have any basis

August does not seem to be a comfortable month for Donald Trump: the news that the former US president has been charged for the fourth time goes back only a few hours. The investigation revolves around his lobbying to overturn the result of the 2020 election in Georgia. Not the first headache to pole, who already has to deal with the Florida proceedings (which begin May 20 and relate to the secret federal documents of Mar-a-Lago). Not only that, there are also other allegations, including that of secretly paying porn star Stormy Daniels. According to some rumors that are starting to circulate online, another worry may be added to the already not so rosy picture: the impending divorce from his wife, Melania. On August 11, user @PopularLiberal (20,000 followers on X) tweeted: “It appears that leaked emails exposed Melania Trump’s clear threats of divorce against Donald Trump, along with questions about his pension and what she is entitled to, in the $2 billion divorce settlement.” A post that, before it was blocked, managed to reach 770,000 views. But what is its source?

Gossip article

It was also rebuilt from NewsweekThis all stems from the gossip article, which itself is based on unverified rumors. Specifically, an article published by the portal on August 8 radarby address: Melania Trump’s nightmare: Explosive emails expose nasty family feuds, breaking Donald’s secrets and $2 billion divorce. The article mentioned what several alleged sources, all completely anonymous, said, namely Melania’s concern about the possibility of her personal emails being disclosed in a subpoena. In addition, the article did not claim that the alleged emails were leaked (leaked), and did not contain divorce settlement details. The piece was limited to mentioning alleged remote exchanges which, Self Revelation, which will undoubtedly lead the couple to break up. In a letter, according to me Rumors It was reported that Melania was going to express her desire for a divorce. In another case, he allegedly asked his lawyer if he should “use everything he knows to put pressure on me.”[ترامب]In court.” However, none of these (again, anonymous) claims appear to be supported by any evidence, or at least verified. Although we can’t know the background of the Trump couple’s lives, nor what role their relationship will take in the The near future, at the moment we can conclude that the narrative is not based on concrete foundations.

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