This is the new Panettone from Mercadona in Valencia, winner of the Best in the World award

This is the new Panettone from Mercadona in Valencia, winner of the Best in the World award

Panettone has established itself as one of thes products most requested by Mercadona customers An example of this is high demand in which the chain will work to improve and clarify this demand A typical international dessert in a more literal way. The supermarket giant has decided to offer its customers the opportunity to buy these new Christmas products made in a different way: more delicate and handmade.

For this reason, lovers of this dessert can choose Two types of panettone: The classic with raisins and orange, which contains chocolate seeds. Mercadona has been able to improve the quality of the product thanks to the increased fermentation time in the production process, which is made in a more artisanal way. So, Christmas would be the perfect time to make room for these sweets on the table and enjoy one of the most famous products in the world with your loved ones.

Photo of panettone di mercadona

The supermarket chain claims that its classic Hisendat raisin and orange panettone has been improved thanks to the fact that the marmalade is prepared more slowly, allowing for greater hydration. Mercadona selected the line requested by customers, with the help of Fartons Polo, the supplier based in Alboraia (Valencia). This brand received the highest recognition at the 2nd International Championship of the Best Panettone in the World, organized by the Italian Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate, and can now be purchased in its establishments.

Mercadona continues to bet on meeting the needs of people who buy in its establishments, creating a very strong level of quality and price throughout the Spanish territory. The company confirms that one of the main goals is to achieve the highest levels of quality at low prices, thus distinguishing themselves from other companies. For this reason, its strategy includes conscious and critical consumption, guided by social and environmental criteria, as Mercadona tries to guarantee exclusive products with the lowest possible impact to help improve the environment and future generations.

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